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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

1. Your general thoughts on Lupin as a character? How has he grown, changed and matured throughout the books? What are his strengths and weaknesses? What do we know about his relationships to Sirius Black/Fenrir Greyback/Alastor Moody/James Potter/Lily Evans/Peter Pettigrew/Severus Snape/Harry Potter?

He's been my favourite character since he was introduced in POA, his sense of humour and compassion for others (especially Neville in POA and Molly in OOTP) and the fact that he has had to face such discrimination from such a young age, definitely endeared him to me. As much as I love him, I don't think that he did mature much over the books he's still as worried about acceptance and being liked in DH as he was in POA. However he did seem to loose some of his humour in HBP and did not appear to regain it until after his confrontation with Harry at Grimmauld. The Remus we hear on Potterwatch is more like that of POA and OOTP than HBP, I like to attribute that to his finally understanding that as long as he loves Tonks and she loves him they can be happy no matter what anyone else thinks.

2. Lupin is conflicted between his love for Dora and Teddy and the desire to protect them from association with him - does he make the right decision in going back to them? Did he make the right decision marrying her?

Absolutely, I think that his need for being liked blinded him to the fact that as long as they loved him, it didn't matter if everyone else disliked him. I do think getting married was the right decision, I think they both needed to feel the permanence of their relationship after their separation in HBP. I do think though that they got pregnant way too soon and that if the pregnancy was later in their marriage he may not have had so much of a freak out (though I'm sure he probably would have had a little one). However that would have meant that they would never have had a child at all

3. Why didn’t Lupin try to contact Harry before PoA?
A combination of factors, I think before Harry started at Hogwarts there was something stopping magical people getting in touch with him. Once he was at Hogwarts, I dunno maybe he thought it would freak Harry out, a strange guy writing to him "hey I knew your parents lets be penpals". I think that getting to know Harry may have been a big reason for him taking the job at Hogwarts. I also think that Remus's life pre-POA must have been quite hard, all of your friends wiped out like that, it can't have been easy and maybe he just thought it would be too painful.

4. What was Lupin’s role in the first war? Did Dumbledore use his special connexions to the werewolves already?
It would make sense, and give a good reason for the Potters and Sirius not to trust him to be secret keeper or to know of the switch.

5. Did Lupin make the right decision in going to fight at Hogwarts - should he have stayed out of the battle for Teddy's sake?
If anything I think he would have been more into the battle for Teddy's sake, fighting for a better world for Teddy to grow up in. As to whether that was the right decision, I'm not sure. His and Tonks' deaths leave Teddy an orphan but I think that it would have tortured Remus had he not fought and Voldemort won (I'm sure he would have thought that he'd let down Harry, Dumbledore, Lily and James, and Sirius) In a Voldemort run world both he and Tonks would have been targets anyway and Teddy himself may have been a target. And I don't think that either he or Tonks are the type to wait for the fight to come to them.

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