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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

[quote=hermy_weasley2;4629927]Welcome to the post-DH discussion of Remus Lupin. Previous discussion without spoilers can be found here: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

1. Your general thoughts on Lupin as a character? How has he grown, changed and matured throughout the books? What are his strengths and weaknesses? What do we know about his relationships to Sirius Black/Fenrir Greyback/Alastor Moody/James Potter/Lily Evans/Peter Pettigrew/Severus Snape/Harry Potter?

I wish we had seen more of him - he really earned a place in my heart in PoA. Strength would be his constant support of the OOTP, and his role as the peacemaker. Biggest weakness is his self doubt. I don't think we know enough about him to make judgement on his relationships to most people.

2. Lupin is conflicted between his love for Dora and Teddy and the desire to protect them from association with him - does he make the right decision in going back to them? Did he make the right decision marrying her?

If he truly loved her, and I think he did, marriage was the right decision, and once you marry you have a partner for life, so of course he was right to go home! That whole scene was so odd though, I was hoping Harry would knock him out. Did he think so little of Tonks that she would enter marriage lightly, without considering the consequences? And accepting them? Boys are so relationship-challenged.

3. Why didnít Lupin try to contact Harry before PoA?

Let's remember he thought Sirius thought HE was the spy. He didn't know that no one told Harry these suspicions, or ANYthing about his family. Looking at the situation with Tonks, he also might have thought that Harry wouldn't want to be associated with a werewolf. OMG can you imagine THAT intro at Number 4? Vernon would've had a coronary.

4. What was Lupinís role in the first war? Did Dumbledore use his special connexions to the werewolves already?

I think so. Another of Lupin's strengths is his courage - you won't catch me living with those nutjobs!

5. Did Lupin make the right decision in going to fight at Hogwarts - should he have stayed out of the battle for Teddy's sake?

After seeing what his parents' sacrifice did to Harry, I'm sure going back to the battle was very difficult for him. However, as Sirius told us, there are things worth dying for, and I think he'd rather die knowing he helped make the world a better place for his son than sitting at home feeling useless. He has enough self-esteem issues without having survivor's guilt if he'd lived while Tonks died. Still, all so sad, making me teary!

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