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Re: Jodi Picoult

Originally Posted by Hysteria
Again, most of her books start like that. Something dramatic happens right at the start, then it slows down, then it gets going right to the end. I really suggest you read the whole thing, it's a wonderful and very moving book IMO.
I just finished it and I'm glad I read it all. The end I have to say was very unexpected and equally touching. I still think, though, that it was quite confusing. Sometimes I lost track of whose PoV it is. Also the frequent switching made it quite difficult for me to relate to any of the characters. I didn't like any of them at first. But, lately, I think I became fond of Anna, knowing that she wasn't that selfish or heartless.
Another thing, I felt that the book contained too much information that wasn't important. Which I think is what slowed down the book so much.

I generally like the book a lot, but I think that's a book whose movie I might like much better than the book itself. I'll try to watch it soon.

Also check out Nineteen Minutes and House Rules if you get the chance (the latter is a little slow but still great).
I already got Nineteen Minutes, but like Hanna, I don't think I'll go for another of Picoult's books, right now.


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