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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by oierem View Post
I know, but the lack of information makes it feel like "let's have another fight with Voldemort", who always escapes at the end. I don't know, but for the regular viewer, I'm sure that the HP movies are some sort of unconnected episodes always fighting the same bad guy and with no trace of an ending. What I liked about HPB book was that it established exactly what to do to destroy Voldemort once and for all.

And we still have one more movie in which "nothing" will be achieved.
The lack of information, as you put it, doesn't make the ending of the film different than the book. The ending of HBP (book and film) is quite shocking and unique compared to the others and part of the reason is that adult Voldemort doesn't take part of it for once; he's lurking somewhere in the background planning his next step, but audiences are reminded of his presence through the memories. And near the end the audience is told exactly what the hero needs to do to kill him: Destroy some common objects consisting of Voldemort's soul, then "one kills Voldemort."
While I would have liked more exposition myself, this is all they need to know about horcruxes at this point. The concept needs to be reintroduced in DH anyway. A movie in which something will be achieved concerning the horcruxes.


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