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Re: Twilight - The Movie

Originally Posted by dweaselqueen View Post
Well, I understand that Jacob is supposed to start off young, and then go through massive growth spurts, so I understand why he was cast young. I'm just against changing actors in the middle of a series. For the sake of continuity, I think it would be easier to cast Jacob younger then Bella, but so much that the actor can't pull off a transformation in New Moon. We have to be able to see Jacob under the transformation, and with a new actor, I think that would be really hard to do.

Plus, to me, this Jacob actor looks 13 or something. He looks 5 years younger then Bella, and it's only supposed to be a 2 year gap.
I don't think it's possible to pick an actor who will be able to play both a sort of scrawny 15-year-old and a six foot tall, muscular 20-looking-year-old. It's not just physiologically possible. Part of the reason Jacob's growth is so striking is because it's unbelievable. Plus, they don't usually shoot movies in sequence so, even if he were to grow throughout the filming, it wouldn't fall in line with the schedule. I just can't imagine how you could achieve this phenomenon without switching actors.

Also, most of those pictures on IMDb are from 2005. I would hazard a guess that he has grown some by now.


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