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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally posted by DarwinMayflower
While I agree, once again I don't like the intrusion of such Muggle culture into the movie. Not that I don't mind muggle intrusion but not one that is relatively time specific. IMHO what all of the movies great is that it is somewhat of a time warp. It could have occured in the 60's all the way up to today. However having something as cultural relative such as graffiti is something that that sort of brings me out of the world of Potter and into the world of now. However I can't fault them for that because it does make the underpass look AWESOME; much like the set design in Hostel.
Yeah, previous movies have looked at Muggles and their world rather cock-eyed, as a sort of curio, and OOTP really keeps the Muggle world very grounded and very gritty, at least during the opening. Personally, I think the subway was a good idea, there is one just like that round the corner from where I live, they certainly exist out in the suburbs, and I think in this case a fresh backdrop helped. Their is a certain eeriness to to the underpass that I like, with it's lights flickering and the water running in, and I think that manages to offset the normality of it.

It's funny that we also have differing opinions on why we don't like Ms. Figg. Me personally once again the lack of sort of anything distinctly wizarding about here aka she's too much like a muggle. However I guess being a squibb it makes sense. Problem is she's just so bland. I do like what she says but nothing really pops out from her. She certainly doesn't command the screen. I expected her to be in more fear than Harry considering she can't even cast a patronus charm or at least be more shaken up. But I guess it creates a precedent for how brave members of the Order are. I don't like her not because she isn't like her book counterpart (of which I even forgotten what she was like) but like Yoshi said...really sort of bland.
My recollection of the book is limited, but all I recall is that she was batty. In the movie, she just says her lines. No quirks, no nuance, she just does the lines and gets on with it. I'm kind of surprised they bothered to even put her in the movie. The portrayal is so devoid of character it actually takes me out of the scene a little bit. Harry Potter nearly died on your watch, and you're behaving as though it's all in a day's work. The lack of any wizardishness actually prompted my non-reader friend to comment "Why the heck would Dumbledore leave someone so useless in charge of protecting Harry?" All they had to do was give her a wand and a bit of personality and it would work, but as it is, the slavish adherence to the book in terms of her magical ability makes both Dumbledore and Figg look bad. A better adaptation would have had Lupin (as others have suggested) or Hagrid ( that way he can still be in the movie but without Grawp), and if either was at the trial you coud even squeeze in something about Umbridge's prejudice against half-breeds without having to clumsily introduce that with Sirius in the fire.

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