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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by Tabris93 View Post
JustAnIllusion: I am with you on discussing what they included/excluded from the book. That is very important to me too. I think the reason I like this movie is because I was slapped hard in the face with PoA, and also a bit on GoF, so I have lowered my extremely high exceptations. Instead, I am just thrilled to see anything from canon on the screen now.
I know what you mean. I was relatively young when PoA came out, however (middle school ), and I wasn't incredibly irked with what was missing. I think my attention to detail hadn't been fine tuned so much. The third book, at that point anyway, had also been one of my least favorites (though now it is one of my favorites... rereading does wonders, doesn't it?). The fourth movie, however, was horrendous. I had matured some by then, and, thus, that was when I got my slap in the face. I tried not to have many expectations for OotP, but seeing as that was the first book I got on midnight on release day, it just made me super sad. It was so rushed... Not as bad as Goblet, of course, but still... choppy and blue. Gambon's acting failed to return to it's glory of PoA, where he really shined in characterization, and he was yelling at kids. Though the acting had gotten better, Hermione was not Hermione, and Emma's lack of bushy hair irked me. My eyebrows almost went into a fury (up and down and up and down!). The little Harry Potterisms that are necessary to tell the story were missing, and all we got was a tenderly shot skeleton. In that aspect, and even with my virtual lack of expectations, I was disappointed.

There really are a few things I like about OotP, of course, and you'll hear them as we go chapter by chapter. But a lack of brains attacking people and a gain of odd smoke fights really threw me off guard.

Maybe i'll have absolutely horrible expectations of HBP and i'll come out of the theater surprised and happy? I'm not looking forward to it, but everybody has to grin at SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK&ROLL!

For now, i'll hold a bit of a grudge. Maybe discussing it will make it better.


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