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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

It always bothered me that Dobby disappeared after COS. There was no reason to trash him and what Neville does in his place does nothing to develop Neville's character. It's lame.

I guess that in Hollywood, they treat house elves just as badly as they do in the wizarding world!

Originally Posted by AnotherD View Post
In this scene, I feel like it's pretty obvious he's telling her this to see what kind of reaction he gets out of her. Testing the waters, seeing if she shows any interest in McLaggan.

Well, he's a teenage boy, and a girl is showing interest in him. It's not so far fetched to think he might want to kiss her! I don't think it's odd or out of place at all.

Agreed--this is just plain weird. I'm always wondering if Ron can even hear what they are saying!
oh please. they're all three of them alone on the astronomy tower. rubbish.

Originally Posted by ILuvDarkMarks View Post
My only quip with this scene is that non-readers may wonder why Lavender. Sure, she says "hi" to him from the beginning of the movie, but without Ginny's scene it seems weird that he would start snogging Lavender when it's clear that he has a crush on Hermione.
boys do stupid things all the time.

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