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Re: Pitchside: Halftime Chat v.40

Originally Posted by minnaD View Post
Oh wow this place is still running! What happened to closing the forum lol?

Edit: oh god, I did not remember that was my signature whoa.
Yea! Sort of...This place feels like a ghost town nowadays.

It's a great signature.

Originally Posted by DragonVine View Post
Indeed it is.

Yep! We had warm(er) weather for a few days, but now it's back to being cold. Really cold. Again. Gah.

I'm on the last few pages of book 5. I've been reading them again since January, I think. Maybe a little bit before Christmas. Cant' quite remember.

In any case though, this should help with the cold weather:
I knew it! I knew it and I still clicked on it. Wow. It's been awhile.

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