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Re: Pitchside: Halftime Chat v.40

Originally Posted by RikuStark View Post
It's been a long time DV!!!!!! How's it been going? (it took me several minutes to realize it was you on your first post it's been so long...the shock is still wearing off)

Also, that sounds rough. Since I last posted, all of our snow has melted. We should be in the 60s by next week, really looking forward to it! You should come down to the States and enjoy our also pretty sucky but less sucky weather! Weather can be strange, who knows, maybe all of your snow will be melting by next week!
Pretty well! How are you?

It is rough haha. We're having a bit warmer weather now. Between -5 and +5 C, so around 20F to 40F, with it occasionally going up to +10C (50F). At this time, that's way warmer than we've been getting, and as long as it stays above 0 (freezing), the snow will melt, which is a good thing.

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