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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

1. Is she a Death Eater?

IMO, no. Narcissa is just a follower who has access to information other followers don't because she's connected to the Death Eaters of the inner circle.

2. Did Narcissa know of Lucius's intent to use Voldemort's diary to re-open the CoS? Was she part of the plan or did she try to stop him?

I agree with Fleur du mal. I doubt she knew.

3. How does she feel now that her husband has been captured, exposed, and imprisoned as a Death Eater?

What DH revealed was that the Malfoys actually cared...for each other...hardly for others, though. Lucius was not a tyrant we all pictured him to be, Narcissa was not a poor woman who had to do as she was told and Draco was not tortured and hated by his father. The scene in which Narcissa took Lucius' hand was very touching. Lucius meant to her as much as Draco did, IMO. They weren't evil like Bellatrix, just prejudiced.

4. Why allow her son, who is not of age, to become a Death Eater? Was she proud at first? Was she fearful, once his task was set for him?

I don't think she could do anything about Draco's decision to become a Death Eater. After everything that's happened to Lucius, I doubt she could feel even slightly proud. And she was terrified, she wouldn't have asked for Snape's help otherwise.

5. We know that she has contact with Bellatrix, Draco even took lessons from Bella over the summer, but what relationship, if any, does she have with Andromeda & Tonks?

I don't think she kept in contact with Andromeda. I think she cared about her(she's a faimly-type, after all), but she couldn't get over the fact that Andromeda married a muggleborn.

6. How did Narcissa feel about Sirius Black? Did she know he wasn't a Death Eater? Did she know he was innocently sentenced to Azkaban? How did she react to his death at the hands of her sister?

I don't think she cared about Sirius. They were family, but I don't think they were close to each other.

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