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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by BellatrixLeNo View Post
In the very beginning of the series, Draco mentions that he wanted to go to Durmstrang but his mother didn't want him to be so far away. But in the wizarding world, is it really that far? I think she was trying to shelter him from a school that was known for the dark arts with a death eater as a headmaster. She put him in Hogwarts, under Albus Muggle lover Dumbledore for a reason.
Exactly. I often tried to make this point in the sister-thread to this one before DH. They can apparate, travel by Portkey, Floo Powder. Distances are of little importance in the magic world. And her argument 'too far away' always appeared feeble and unbelievable to me right from the start. I, too, thought that Narcissa didn't want her son to learn the Dark Arts before he wasn't old enough - they are dangerous, they can easily hurt a child playing around. I don't think she would have minded him learning the DA altogether, but only when he was of age, or so.

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