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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Wakkachuta View Post
I think that even though she wasn't a Death Eater at first, she eventually did become one with her son, probably because they had no choice in the matter. They had to appease Voldemort in some way for Lucius' mistakes and this was probably what Voldemort wanted.
Another reason I think she was a Death Eater is because I don't think Voldemort would have allowed her to attend the meeting where he took Lucius' wand if she weren't a Death Eater.

I really like Narcissa's reactions to all the bad things that happened to her family throughout DH. It showed that she was a compassionate wife and mother before she was Voldemort's follower. It showed that she really put her family first and that was the most admirable thing she could do. It was no longer about who wins and who loses, but whether her son was safe. And that should come first before anything else.
I agree!

Cissy never seemed to me to be as evil as Bella was. I always though of Cissy as being somewhere in between evil Bella and good Andromeda. She acted the way she did because that was how she was raised to be. She was weak and allowed others to make her see things like muggles and mud bloods one way. She didn't try and have an opinion for herself like Andromeda did because she was content to go with the status quo. In the end though her love for Draco made her finally stand up and do what was right versus what was easy. She could have told LV the truth that Harry was alive but it could have cost her her own child. So she protected Harry in order to save her own child and risked her own life in doing so.


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