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Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

Welcome to the post-DH discussion of Narcissa Malfoy. Previous discussion without spoilers can be found here:Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

1. Is she a Death Eater?
She was at the Quidditch World Cup, but like her husband, was nowhere to be found during the post-game Muggle torture by Death Eaters.
Many apparated to Voldemort in the cemetery following his rebirth, and although Lucius was named, she was not.
She wasn't part of the group of Death Eaters who tried to obtain the prophecy in the Dept. of Mysteries.
She apparently knows of the Dark Lord's plans for her son, enough to seek out Snape.

2. Did Narcissa know of Lucius's intent to use Voldemort's diary to re-open the CoS? Was she part of the plan or did she try to stop him?

3. How does she feel now that her husband has been captured, exposed, and imprisoned as a Death Eater?

4. Why allow her son, who is not of age, to become a Death Eater? Was she proud at first? Was she fearful, once his task was set for him?

5. We know that she has contact with Bellatrix, Draco even took lessons from Bella over the summer, but what relationship, if any, does she have with Andromeda & Tonks?

6. How did Narcissa feel about Sirius Black? Did she know he wasn't a Death Eater? Did she know he was innocently sentenced to Azkaban? How did she react to his death at the hands of her sister?

7. Will 'Cissy' be punished for seeking help from Severus? Will we see her in the final book? What role will she play?

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