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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Seven:
Along Came Darkness

October 3, 1975

Typically around this time, Severus would be with Lily at the Library or the lake. However, Lily was beginning to feel bad that she was skimping out on hanging out with her other friends and decided to give Severus a little bit of a break. Not that he greatly appreciated it, but he could use a bit of silence and alone time every now and then. Then again it had been somewhere around three days since the last time they properly hung out. Coping with his solitude, Severus decided to mope around the dungeons in hopes of steering clear of being seen by any Gryffindors or other rude classmates.

Since the incident with Nott, Rowle and him apparently decided Severus was some sort of hero figure and wanted to be with Severus every second of the day as well. They may have had something to do with Lily not wanting to be around Severus recently as well, though it was hard to tell. Today he managed to lose them for a while since it was Friday and the two had Quidditch practice. Severus didn't particularly care for the sport, but today he managed to appreciate it for obvious reasons.

He sat in silence and decided it was a perfect sort of day to just lay in bed all day and twirl his wand around while he read the book that Lily scolded him on so long ago. He finally had the privacy he wanted behind his four poster curtains and it was a pleasant evening. There was no homework to be done, and he decided any studying that needed to be done could wait until Saturday or, Merlin knows, Sunday. The silence remained for a majority of the day after he returned for classes and he was surprised no one had come up to bother him, but all good things must come to an end. Especially when your name is Severus Snape and the universe has plotted to take all good things away from you.

He was practicing how to non-verbally use some of the spells in his book while flicking his wand, even though the incantation and form of casting was well beyond his years. So, when Henry Evan Rosier and Markus Wilkes came into the dormitory, they were none the wiser of Snape's being in the room.

“Can you believe that Avery invited Mulciber in the club? There’s no way we can outshine him if we ever do meet the Dark Lord!” the voice Severus recognised as Evan Rosier rang out in pure jealousy. “He’s older, and he knows more spells! He’ll be an automatic favorite for sure!”

“He’s not that powerful,” the other voice, Markus Wilkes, said scathingly. “Stop worrying about it, will you? When we graduate, we’ll all be useful to the Dark Lord.”

There was a bit of shuffling in the room and Severus quietly shut his books and leaned up to hear the boys through the muffling curtains. As if on queue, however, the boys began talking again and Severus thought he was caught spying at once.

“Do you suppose we should invite Severus then? Us fifth years would be taking over, but I know he has a knack for the darker side of magic.” Wilkes suggested and Severus was, if possible, even more aware now. These boys were talking about dark magic and providing service some day to the Dark Lord. Admittedly, Severus never thought of himself going that far to prove his point, but maybe that was his only way. The man leading the new pureblood act definitely knew what he was talking about, and Severus couldn’t say that he didn’t necessarily agree with what he was doing. Then again, Lily would absolutely despise him for ever agreeing to do something of the sort. That is, if the two boys decided to invite him. He couldn’t necessarily charge out now and announce his presence now could he?

“That disgusting old chap? I suppose he is rather good at defencive spells, but do you really think he’ll be of that much use?” Rosier questioned and Severus could feel his grip on his wand tighten and his stomach lurch. It wasn’t new that his own House mates made fun of him, but it wasn’t everyday he would willingly stay quite while they did so.

“It’s only a suggest, Rosier. We can talk to the others first if you want. I’m sure I heard Avery talk about him the other day though.”

“What about that Black boy? Everyone’s been talking ‘bout him, but he’s a whole year younger than us even!”

Severus frowned. He, who was possibly the best student in their House, was being questioned while everyone in this so called ‘club’ was talking about Regulas Black. Of course they would. He was a Black after all. With the exception of Sirius, the Black family were really into dark magic and blood purity. In fact, Severus wouldn’t be surprised if Regulas got in because of his blood alone. If anyone knew he himself was half-blood, the probably wouldn’t allow him in. Not very many people, if anyone outside of Lily, knew that his father was a Muggle. For all they knew, he practiced dark magic and spells simply for the joy of it.

“Of course we’ll get Black. I think Black himself came up and demanded he be in the group. If you’re worried about anyone being the Dark Lord’s favorite, it’s him you need to worry about. Not Mulciber.” Wilkes said, though Severus could hear the scoff behind his words. However, he had a point.

“So what about Snape, then? Do we find him and let him know?” Rosier said after a few minutes. Severus was curious as to what took them so long in the first place to consider him. Then again, he had no idea how long a secret group of aspiring Death Eaters in the school had been going on. He didn’t even know if he would choose to join them if they so chose to seek him out. He really did put into consideration of Lily’s thoughts, but he was positive that if he kept her out of harm’s way, and neglected to tell her of his new activities, she would be safe. He wouldn’t have to harm her and neither would anyone else. He would be able to prove to everyone else that she was different. Not even the Dark Lord would kill such a beautiful person.

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. C’mon, lets find him then,” Wilkes replied shortly after and Severus heard as two pairs of footsteps left the dormitory. He waited until he was sure the coast was clear before ripping open his curtains and jumping out of bed. He needed to go someplace the other two would think to find him without them knowing he was in his four poster the whole time. There was no asking Lily about this decision. Her obvious answer would be no. He would just have to wait until they found him and he would make his decision then. Though he had a sinking suspicion that he already knew his answer.


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