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Re: Harry Potter and the Hellfire Potion

Chapter 18 ~ The Madness of Bella

"B-Bella..? Are you h-here? I b-b-brought you some food.." a trembling Wormtail entered the filthy house, a basket of food in his hand. There was rubbish strewn about the floor. Picking his way through it, he wrinkled his nose in disgust.



"Ow!" howled Wormtail, grabbing his behind as the curse glanced off him. "Bella! Stop it! It's me!"

Bellatrix appeared from the shadows, her face obscured by her hooded black cloak.

"Wormatil - I thought I told you to die a foul and painful death?"

"Ah, Bella, I'm glad to hear your sense of humour is still intact!" simpered Wormtail, sycophantically, proffering the basket.

"What's this?" she asked, looking at him with contempt and wondering why she hadn't killed this loathsome little cockroach yet.

"Food - f-for you. You must be hungry..." he wheedled.

Ripping the basket from his hands, she pulled back to cover to reveal bread, cheese and chicken legs. She sniffed cautiously at it, then pulled out a chicken leg and thrust it at Wormtail.

"Eat it." she demanded.

"I - I - why?" he sputtered indignantly.

"Just a little surprised at your sudden generosity. And I'm quite sure your hand didn't slip with a bottle of poison now, did it?" she asked silkily.

"I would never - the mere suggestion - oh very well!" and snatching the chicken from her hand, he tore into it with his yellowing, pointy teeth. Swallowing, he wiped his mouth and said;

"There - happy?"

"Somewhat," she said sourly, and sank to the floor devouring the food rapidly.

"So, how have you been, Bella?" Wormtail asked, with a would-be casual voice, sitting beside her on the floor.

She ignored him and continued to eat, hardly pausing for breath. Wormtail reached inside his robes and pulled out a small flask. Unscrewing the cap, he took a swig and, coughing slightly, offered it to Bella.

"Firewhiskey?" he waggled the flask under her nose.

Eyeing it suspiciously, she paused for a moment, before snatching it and taking several long gulps. Handing the flask back, she said;

"You may leave now."

"But, Bella! I-I thought you might like some company! Lucius and Draco left last night - I know you're all alone..." he wheedled, handing the flask back to her.

Bellatrix gave a harsh laugh. "And what concern is it of yours?" she sneered, taking another slug of Firewhiskey.

"Well... I thought you might need someone to... to talk to..?"

"Well now! Is wittle Wormtail feeling wonely? No fwiends left?" she mocked him in her horrid baby voice, "Get lost, Wormtail - no-one needs vermin like you around, no matter how desperate they are."

"Come now, Bella! That's not very friendly - I did bring you food, after all - no one else cares about where you are," whined Wormtail.

"You have never done anything for anyone else without an ulterior motive, Wormtail, so why don't you just spit it out. What do you want?" snatching up her wand, she pointed it directly at his forehead.

He yelped and drew his knees to his chest, cowering in fear.

"All right..." she mused, "if that's the way you want it. You have until the count of three to tell me why you're snivelling around here. Otherwise, you die."

"Bella!" he cried, scrambling to his feet.


"Bella, please!"


She raised her wand, smiling cruelly.


"All right! All right! Please! Lower your wand! I-I'll tell you!"
Bellatrix lowered her wand and gazed at Wormtail, head tilted, appraising him. "This had better be good." she said coldly.

Sobbing slightly, Wormtail sank back to the floor in relief, sweat beading his brow. "I came to ask for your help..."

Bella snorted. "My help? And what, pray tell, can I do to help you, Wormtail?"

"Well.." he began, haltingly, through his sobs, "you must know that the Ministry are closing in on us..."

"Us?" Bellatrix cut in.

"Yes, 'us'" repeated Wormtail, with a hint of impatience now, "the Dark Lord's followers, Bella! The Ministry grow ever closer to catching us! Now that we no longer have the protection of the Dark Lord it is only a matter of time until we are thrown into Azkaban!"

"Go on..." she eyed him suspiciously but couldn't deny that Wormtail had a point.

"Well, you have so successfully evaded capture," Wormtail rushed on, eagerly, sensing weakness, "if you can help me do the same, I might have some valuable information for you..." he looked at slyly.

"And what might that be?"

"Do you swear to help me? Look after me? The Ministry are after my blood, Bella! Now that they know I am alive, they are furious - they - they even visited my Mother and took back my Order of Merlin..." he trailed off sadly.

"Your Order of Merlin?" sputtered Bellatrix, "You care for an award given by those imbeciles?! For something you didn't even do?!" enraged, she sent a hex at him, deliberately aiming it so it singed what was left of his thinning hair. He screamed, beating himself about the head to put out the sparks. "Now tell me your 'valuable information' - I grow weary of your pathetic lies."

"I c-c-cannot say a word until I am sure you will p-protect me!" he stammered.

"You dare issue orders to me?" Bellatrix gasped, incredulously. Wormtail dived to the floor and threw his arms over his head protectively, sure he was about to feel terrible pain, but to his great surprise, he heard a laugh. Daring to peek up, he saw that Bellatrix was smiling at him. Granted, it was a hideous smile, but it was an improvement to having a wand at his throat.

"Well well! This must be good information - why else would you so foolishly risk unbearable pain and torture?" she mused, to herself. "Very well, Wormtail. If the Ministry come a-calling, I shall kill them and if by doing so it saves your be it."

"Well, Bella - th-that's not exactly what I meant,"

She eyed him coldly. "That's the deal, Wormtail - take it or leave it." And raising her wand again, she sent another curse at him, that shot clean through his earlobe.

"AAAAAAAARRGH!" he screamed, writhing about with pain. "OKAY! Okay, Bella! I-I'll tell you!" he was sobbing loudly now, clutching his bloody ear.

"Oh SHUT UP!" she said, irritated now. With a casual flick of her wand, she healed his ear in a second.

His sobs ceased instantly.

"Now, Wormtail...tell me everything you know."
Pushing Wormtail roughly into a rickety old chair, Bellatrix leaned forwards intently. "Well?"

Sniffing shakily, Wormtail wiped his eyes with the back of a grimy hand. He hiccoughed slightly and trembling, raised his eyes until he was looking at her. "b-before he died, th-the Dark Lord, he paid a visit to his family home-"

"This is his family home, idiot," she snarled.

"N-no no, Bella! This was his father's house," he looked at her carefully, "his Muggle father's home..."

Her mouth twisted in disgust. "That is pure fantasy - cooked up by Potter and that Muggle-loving old fool Dumbledore! The Dark Lord was pure of blood-"

"No, Bella," said Wormtail forcefully. "Look into my mind if you have to but this is not a lie." He stared at her intently, willing her to see the truth.

She stared at him, hard. Raising her wand, she cried "Legilimens!" Images flashed through her mind; Wormtail, cowering in front of the Dark Lord, nodding sycophantically as a high, cruel voice said; "...yes...he was a Muggle, but it is of no consequence to me, Wormtail. I ended his worthless life when I was a teenager..." the voice became foggy as Bellatrix's arm went slack, breaking the spell.

"No..." she whispered, eyes wide with shock, "You lie!"

"No, Bella - I do not lie. Can't you see? This place is not magical! He despised this house and all that it represented! We must go to his mother's house - a truly magical place. We will be better protected there."

"How?" she demanded, her face drained of all colour.

"Because his mother was a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin. You see Bella! It matters not that he had a Muggle father! The blood that ran through his veins was that of the most powerful dark wizard-"

Bellatrix raised her wand in fury.

"-I mean, the most powerful dark wizard before the rise of Lord Voldemort! Come Bella! I cannot help you if you are constantly threatening to kill me!"

"Very well," she relented, lowering her wand, "take me to the house."

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