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Re: Harry Potter and the Hellfire Potion

Chapter 11 ~ Muggle Mobiles

"How are you feeling today, dear?" Mrs Weasley asked Harry, as she bustled around his hospital room, opening the curtains with a flick of her wand with one hand, and adding more pillows behind his head with the other.

"I'm fine, just a bit tired," said Harry, yawning widely.

There was a knock at the door, and a nurse brought in a tray of breakfast, setting it down gently on his lap and scurrying from the room hastily. Between Hedwig and Mrs. Weasley, most of the staff at St. Mungo's had learnt not to linger too long in Harry's room. Only Healer Smethington could tend to Harry without an ear bashing or a hand pecking.

"Hmm," said Mrs. Weasley, watching the nurse leave the room with a beady eye, while Hedwig ruffled her feathers threateningly "Well you're still dreadfully pale, dear. Eat that now while it's still warm, though I don't know what they're thinking, expecting people to get better eating that rubbish," she and Harry surveyed the contents of his breakfast; leathery looking fried eggs, shrivelled up bacon and extremely unappetizing looking tomatoes. "The sooner we get you home the better - then you can have some proper food." she said sternly.

"About that..." said Harry tentatively, picking up his fork, "er, well - I -"

"Now Harry, dear," said Mrs. Weasley gently, sitting on the edge of his bed and reaching out for his hand, "I know what you're going to say and Arthur and I don't want you to worry about a thing. You are family and your home will always be with us. If we could adopt you we would! Now, I know Remus is your official guardian now," she said quickly, as Harry opened his mouth to point this out, "but he agrees. You need a real home. He's very busy with his work for the Order, and although he and Tonks are desperate for you to go and live with them when they finally get married, it's just not practical now. They'll need time to find a home and I won't rest easy unless I know you're being looked after properly. Now Harry, our decision is final - " she said, interrupting Harry once more.

"No, no! I'm not disagreeing! I - I just wanted to say thanks," he stammered, "You and Mr. Weasley have been, well, you know, and I... er, well..." he trailed off, turning mildly pink. How did he put into words that they meant more to him than anything in the world?

"There's no need to say a word," said Mrs. Weasley, guessing his thoughts, her eyes brimming with tears, "not only are you like the seventh son we never had, but you've saved the lives of half the family!" she sniffed and whipped a hanky out of her woolly sleeve, dabbing at her eyes. "Now eat! The others will be here to visit soon. I think Ginny in particular is looking forward to seeing you..." she peered at him out of the corner of her eye. Harry choked on a bit of tough bacon and looked at Mrs Weasley anxiously.

"Oh don't look like that! Arthur and I are thrilled! You're really just one step away from officially being part of the family!" she sighed, looking misty eyed.

"Er ... I don't think we're quite there yet, Mrs. Weasley,"

"What?" she said, suddenly snapping out of her reverie, "oh, no! Of course not, dear! Just silly old me, getting carried away! I'll go and see where that lot have got to!" and she swept out of the room, but not before Harry saw her hide a small smile.

"Well, I don't suppose it would hurt too much to think about the future, would it Hedwig?" he asked his snowy owl, feeding her some of his now cold bacon. Hedwig hooted her agreement. Though, as much as he cared for Ginny, he knew there was only two things he could focus on now; getting better and getting out of here to stop Bellatrix Lestrange.
There was a tap on the door and it immediately swung open to reveal Ginny, Hermione and Ron. Each was staggering under the weight of a ton of Honeydukes confectionery.

"What's all that?" asked Harry. Hedwig seized her chance while he wasn't looking to snap up the rest of his bacon. Ginny came over to kiss him on the forehead and perched at the end of his bed, scattering brightly coloured packages of chocolate everywhere.

"It's for you mate. A thank you present from millions of wizards and witches! There's loads of this stuff outside - food, flowers, robes - even a couple of broomsticks! The Welcome Witch told us we'd better find somewhere for it or she'd chuck the lot. Grumpy cow," he said, shaking his head.

"Ron! That's not fair - it is getting in the way a bit. Sorry Harry," said Hermione apologetically, dumping a load of sweets on his bedside table.

"So what? Harry's saved the world from the most evil sorcerer on the planet! You'd think she let him make a bit of mess!"

Hermione gave Ron a stern look and joined Ginny on the edge of Harry's bed.

"So! How are you today?" she asked brightly.

"Good. Can't wait to get out of here though,"

"Well that's all right cos Mum says you can come home tonight!" said Ginny happily.

"What? Really?"

"Yeah - she just told us as we were coming in. Healer Smethington says you just need rest, and Mum convinced him you could get that at home, so..." Ron picked idly through the small mountain of goodies on Harry's bed. Ginny slapped his hand away,

"Hey! Gerroff!"

"Those are for Harry!" she snapped, playfully.

"Yeah, but he doesn't mind - do you Harry?" Ron looked at Harry beseechingly.

"Course not! Dig in!" and laughing, the four of them tore into the sweets, when -

"Knock, knock!" came a dreamy voice from the doorway.

"Luna! Neville! Come in and join us," said Harry, noticing that the pair of them also had an armload of gifts.

"The Welcome Witch asked us -”

"To get rid of all that stuff too?" interjected Harry, his mouth full of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.

"Yeah - she was a bit stern about it too," said Neville, reaching for a Chocolate Frog and passing it to Luna, before helping himself to a liquorice wand.

"Where did all this come from, Harry?" asked Luna, who held her still unwrapped Frog in her hand.

"Thank you gifts from all around the world!" said Ginny, smiling proudly at Harry.

"Oh...Well have you made sure there are no Snalaky Snackattackers in there?"

Hermione, Ron and Ginny each choked on their sweets. Harry and Neville, who were slightly more resigned to Luna's theories simply raised their eyebrows in polite question.

"Er...come again?" asked Harry, fighting his impulse to laugh. Ginny and Ron weren't doing quite as well.

"Oh it's terrible," Luna said seriously, "Dark Wizards place them in people's favourite foods, and when you bite into it, they multiply and run all over your face, and try to eat your eyes right out of their sockets!"

Ron was laughing so hard now, whilst trying to hold it in that his face turned purple and his cheeks bulged with un-swallowed sweets. Hermione conjured a tiny bowl for him to spit them into, and gave him a hard thump on the back. He spat, and then came up gasping for air, he eyes streaming. Luna did not appear to have noticed any of this, but continued to look concerned about the sweets in question.

"Er, these ones are okay, thanks Luna - they've all been checked out," said Harry, hanging on valiantly to his last ounce of composure.

"Oh good," she said, looking a lot happier, and sat down to unwrap her Frog.

"Anyway!" said Ginny, tearing her eyes away from Luna and turning back to Harry, "let's get you packed and go back to the Burrow! Mum's making a huge feast for you and Hermione, Luna and Neville are coming to stay for a few days!"

"Wow! Great! are we going to get rid of this lot?" he surveyed the mountain of sweets that now seemed to be everywhere.

"Well...why don't we magic back all the other stuff, like robes and broomsticks, so you can find out who sent them, and leave the sweets here for the kids ward?" asked Hermione.

"Yeah, good idea! But I doubt that Welcome Witch will like it!" said Harry, climbing out of bed.

"Tough!" said Ron and Hermione in unison.

Everyone laughed and began to scramble around Harry's room, gathering up gifts, sweets and his belongings. Harry allowed himself a quick moment to look at his friends, happy and relaxed. If only they knew, he thought. Don't think about that now. Just enjoy it before you have to find Bellatrix.

And with that thought, he gathered Hedwig into her cage and laughing along with the others, prepared to go home.
After a quick dash around the Children’s Ward of St. Mungo’s, which included the signing of many bits of parchment for all of them (all the children wanted the autograph of the great Harry Potter and his amazing friends who had helped him defeat Lord Voldemort), Harry and the others prepared to leave the hospital. Healer Smethington was there to give Harry one final check up.

“Now if you have any problems, any at all, please come and see me immediately – better yet, call on me and I shall come to you. After all,” he said, beaming down at Harry, “it’s not everyday I get to treat the most famous wizard in the world!”

Harry had grinned weakly at this – he could hardly remember what he had done to defeat Voldemort – not that he was complaining - but it did feel rather odd to have so much praise heaped upon him for something he was only vaguely sure he had done. Ron, Hermione and the others were acting fairly normally, though he thought he had caught Hermione starting to ask him about what had happened at the Ministry, only to be shushed by Ron several times. Ginny was fit to bursting with pride (which Harry didn’t mind one bit) and Luna was her usual, dreamy self. Harry found himself thinking, in spite of what lay ahead, that he was truly, genuinely, really happy, for the first time since Dumbledore had died. Speaking to Dumbledore in that mysterious golden room had been almost as good as having him back in the flesh, and Harry felt sure that there would be more conversations like that to come, and it made him hopeful. And after all…if he could defeat Lord Voldemort, surely he could defeat Bellatrix Lestrange?

As they left the hospital, (which took some time as more, fully-grown wizards wanted to stop and thank Harry and get his autograph) they met the giant form of Rubeus Hagrid, who had come to escort them to the Burrow.

“Hagrid!” exclaimed Harry, rushing towards him, and allowing himself to be swept into an enormous hug, “I didn’t know you were meeting us!”

“Well, I jus wanted to – to help you with yer things…” said Hagrid, sheepishly, reaching for the armload of gifts Harry was staggering under.

“Oh really?” smiled Hermione, “sure you weren’t just checking up on Harry?”

“Alrigh’, alrigh’ – yer caught me – I – I jus couldn’t wait t’see yer, Harry,” said Hagrid, his eyes misting over. “I’m jus so proud of yer! Fancy that eh? You, defeating You-Know-Who – all by yerself!”

“Hagrid – I think you can call him by his name now,” said Harry firmly.

“I know, I know – I’m jus bein’ silly,” he said, dabbing his eyes with his hanky. “But enough abou’ that fer now! Let’s get you home, Harry! There’s a party for yer!”

“How are we getting there, Hagrid?” asked Neville, who, like the others, was also carrying a large armload of Harry’s gifts from well-wishers.

“Ministry, or more like, wha’s left o’ the Ministry sent tha’ car,” said Hagrid, inclining his head towards a large car across the road, with two official looking wizards sitting in the front seats. “So…” he said, casually as they crossed the road, “d’yer remember anything yet, Harry?”

“Er, no – not really – it’s all a bit of a blur,” said Harry, not quite meeting Hagrid’s eye. He was telling the truth, but he didn’t really feel like sharing what had happened between him and Dumbledore – at least not yet anyway.

“It’s amazing though, how you recovered like tha’! One minute, we thought you was a goner, then the next you was awake! So…” he asked again, in another would-be casual voice, “wha’ was it Lupin brought yer? Y’know, that made y’better?”

Harry exchanged a swift glance with Hermione and Ron. Aside from Lupin, they were the only people who knew that Fawkes had healed Harry with his magical tears. When Harry had come round, Fawkes had burst into flames and disappeared, just as the others had come back into Harry’s hospital room. Harry didn’t want to lie to Hagrid, but he knew Dumbledore wanted him to keep this information to himself.

“Er… I don’t really know,” said Harry, looking firmly at the car door that was now being opened for him by a very deferential Ministry wizard.

“Right! Say no more.” said Hagrid, who obviously thought Harry was being tight lipped because of the Ministry personnel present. It was easier to let him think this than have to tell him a lie, so Harry nodded gravely to Hagrid, who winked back conspiratorially. The seven of them, along with Hedwig in her cage and Harry’s mountain of gifts sat in the magically enlarged backseat of the car and it pulled away from the kerb. Once satisfied the coast was clear, the driver looked casually around, and then hit a large button on the dashboard. There was a sputter, and the car vanished and suddenly took off into the air.

“Oi!” shouted Ron indignantly, “that was my Dad’s idea!”

One of the wizards twisted in his seat to address Ron, with a smile on his face, “Who do you think gave the order to have them made, sir?”

Ron’s mouth fell open in amazement.

“You mean the Ministry finally bought one of his inventions?” he asked in awe. Ginny was looking pretty shocked too. She and Ron looked at each other with eyes the size of saucers, their red eyebrows nearly disappearing into their flaming red hair.

“Yes – we have over one hundred flying cars now, though your father wanted to call them Muggle Mobiles. The Minister didn’t feel it was an appropriate name though, so we just refer to them as Ministry on the Move cars. They’ve cut travelling time in a vehicle dramatically.”

Ron and Ginny continued to stare, open-mouthed. “How come he didn’t tell us?” asked Ginny finally.

“I expect with everything that’s been going on,” said Hermione with a meaningful look at Harry, “he probably forgot!” and then she began to giggle, in a very un-Hermione like way.
It was infectious – they all remembered too clearly the time that poor Mr. Weasley had been fined by the Ministry (when Cornelius Fudge had been in charge) for being in possession of an “illegally enchanted Muggle item”. Of course, it had been Harry and Ron’s fault he was charged, as they had stolen the car to get to school.

It seemed like perfect poetic justice then, with that in mind, that Mr. Weasley was now being paid by the Ministry to produce a hundred of the illegally enchanted cars…

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