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Re: Harry Potter and the Hellfire Potion

Chapter 6 ~ Enemies Revisited

The hooded figure stirred. It was huddled next to the dying, orange embers of a fire, tinged with green sparks. The forest was pitch black, and the only sound was the occasional hoot of an owl.

Suddenly, there was a popping noise, and a short, skinny man appeared, stumbling on the edges of the fire, waving his arms in a desperate attempt to stop himself from falling in head first.

"Who's there?" demanded the cloaked figure on the forest floor, fearfully, pointing a wand with a trembling hand.

"It-it's me - W-Wormtail!" gasped the skinny man, now stamping on the edge of his cloak which had begun to smoke.

"What do you want?" spat the figure with disgust.

"I have news! The most terrible, awful, shocking -”

"Out with it you fool!" screamed the voice under the hood.

"It - it's the Dark Lord...He has been...he's..."

"He is WHAT?!"

"He is dead! The Dark Lord is d-dead!"

"Impossible! Who on this Earth has to power to vanquish the Dark Lord?" the voice was scornful, "Who?" the figure demanded, standing up and taking a step towards Wormtail.

"Now - p-please remember - I - I'm just the messenger! I was at the Ministry, in disguise, when I heard the most awful explosion. The entire building is in ruins, it -”

"I care not for the state of the Ministry, you imbecile! What of the Dark Lord?" The figure moved swiftly, and suddenly a wand was at Wormtail's throat. "Do not toy with me Wormtail," the figure crooned softly, "you will pay the price if you do."

Wormtail let out a sob as he stumbled backwards, trying to get away from the line of fire.

"I will ask you once more: what has happened to the Dark Lord?" the voice was now deadly calm.

"It - it was H - Harry P -P -P - " Wormtail was cowering, his arms shielding his face. He could not summon the courage to say the name aloud.

The figure slowly lowered the wand, staggering backwards.

"! I won't believe it! I cannot believe it! You are lying to me!"

"No! I swear it! I swear! Harry P - P - Potter, h - h - has killed the Dark Lord," he whimpered, now crouched down on the ground, his eyes screwed up tightly.

"The Dark Lord..? Defeated..? can't be," the voice coming from the figure was faint now, wand arm hanging slackly down. And then came the most awful, bloodcurdling scream, sending every owl out of the forest in fright:

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgh! No! Master! Please! No! Noooooo!"

The figure fell to its knees, head thrown back. The hood of the cloak slipped back to reveal a face. One side was gaunt but smooth, but the other, a melted, misshapen, ugly mess. The face had been mutilated as a punishment. A punishment from the Dark Lord in fact. The scream continued.

It went on and on, until Bellatrix Lestrange could scream no more.

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