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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Two:
Doxy Pox and Dogs
August 24, 1975
Sometimes fights aren't meant to last. Today's results of the day before's argument was a perfect example of that. It wasn't completely forgotten. The moment Severus saw Lily the next day he apologised awkwardly in the doorway. Lily forgave him instantly and ran to embrace him, followed by tugging at his hand and dragging him back down the stairs.

"Mum! Dad!" Lily shouted throughout the house. "We're ready to go!" She began placing a brown burlap bag over her shoulder and shoved her book of lists into it. Thankfully, Lily’s Mum would be driving the two of them to Diagon Alley this year while her father sat in the passenger’s seat. Years prior Severus thought he would lose his life due to Mr. Evans’ driving. Even more brilliantly, Petunia would not be joining in for the ride at all.

A loud CLANG! emanated from the kitchen and Lily groaned, slumping her shoulders as she grudgingly stomped toward the rather cheerful voice of, “I’m fine!”

“Daaad! I’ve told you a hundred times that you can’t be practicing your potions ingredients in the house! If the neighbors complain one more time, Hogwarts could expel me for Muggles knowing too much about the magical world! Besides, I’ve been fined enough times…” Her voice trailed off as she drew closer to the kitchen. Mrs. Evans came to greet Severus at the door with her keys in hand and a handsome grin following the direction of her husband and youngest daughter.

“He really is quite proud of her. Too bad he can’t go to that school of yours. Lily talks an awful lot about a class called Muggle Studies. Who better to teach such a class than a Muggle himself? Ah, well I guess I would miss Mr. Evans around the house and his constant explosions in the kitchen.” Mrs. Evans nudged Severus with her sharp elbows and winked at him. The boy only sneered and subtly stepped farther where she could reach him and said, “Yes.”

With great relief, Lily, with her father at toe, came back into the hall and smiled knowingly at Severus. Her father was always into making strange things in his kitchen. They couldn’t exactly be called potions considering they seemed most like a nuclear liquid bomb, but Lily admired his compassion for their world. Mr. Evans was somewhat convinced Lily must have gotten her traits from someone’s bloodline, meaning there was a possible chance that he too could do some magic. “Nothing too terrible, Mum,” Lily reassured her admirable mother. “Just a bit of irremovable goo all over the cupboards and tiles. I’ll see about sending a letter to the Ministry of Magic to come by and remove it themselves before I leave off for school.”

The family clasped together and Lily’s father kissed the top of her head. “You make your old man proud, Lily. Now, are the two of you ready to head off for Diagon Alley?”

“Yes,” said Severus heavily. Lily jabbed him with her equally as sharp as Mrs. Evans’ elbow and smiled sweetly at her parents.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said and steered the pack out of the house.

Only a few moments later did Severus find himself clutching anything near him he could that was stable to the vehicle. Mrs. Evans was no better, and perhaps even worse of a driver than Mr. Evans! Lily seemed able to bare it, but he could barely keep himself from turning green. When Mr. Evans drove for the first few years, Severus was convinced that perhaps Muggle transportation just was not for him. Mrs. Evans smashed the thought and made him realise the Muggles really did not know what they were doing when they allowed Mr. and Mrs. Evans a licence. Unfortunately enough for Severus, broomsticks were not his style either.

“It is such a shame Petunia never wishes to come to one of these events,” said Mrs. Evans, looking back in the backseat momentarily to let Lily know her comment was directed to her daughter. “It always seems as though she would really love to come, but every year she gives the same answer.”

“A shame indeed!” said Mr. Evans. “Perhaps next year we can convince her to come along? After all Lily only has two years after this left!”

“I don’t think bringing Tuney along is necessary, Mum,” chimed Lily. “Besides,” a mischievous grin spread across the red head’s face, “I don’t think Sev could tolerate her long enough to be in the same vehicle. As adorable as her lust for him may be, Sev finds it quite annoying. Don’t you, Sev?” Lily winked at him and Severus looked somewhat shocked and highly unenthused at the thought of Petunia Evans having an inkling of an interest in him.

“Absolutely intolerable.”

“My little Tuney fancies you, boy?” Mr. Evans said in utter surprise. “I never knew! By George our girls are growing up, Mrs. Evans!”

“Mr. Evans, don’t embarrass him!” chortled Mrs. Evans. “Sev may have his own fancies for our little girl!”


“I’m only kidding, dear! Mostly.”

“No worries, Mrs. Evans. I can assure you and Mr. Evans that I have absolutely no fancies toward Tuney,” Severus said, his face twisting at the vile nickname Lily donned her sister. The comment seemed to have killed the light spirits around the vehicle and Mr. and Mrs. Evans shared a look that Severus could easily read as disappointment in Lily’s choice in friends.

Lily cleared her throat. “Where’s the Leaky Cauldron? We could use a convenient ‘Oh look, we’re here’ moment right about now.” She sustained the laughter from her own joke. Severus glared at her for having ever set him up in such a terrible disposition with her parents. “Well I thought it was hilarious,” she said and then cracked up when she looked over at Severus. “I’m s—so—sorry!” she said between spurts of laughter. “The thought of you and—and Tuney!” She then went into a complete fit of giggles, grasping at her stomach.

Her parents, who were still contemplating about Severus not liking Petunia and there being no romantic interest going on between him and their youngest daughter, picked up Lily’s energy a bit and began to chuckle, too. Finally, Severus thought of the image with Petunia at his side and entwined with his arm and the corner of his mouth twitched at the thought.

“Saw that,” Lily said, shoving him from across the seat.

“I have no idea of what you’re talking about,” he grinned and then turned his attention outside the window as he replaced the image of Petunia with Lily.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Lily dear, any idea where I might find a few ingredients for a few experiments at home?” Mr. Evans brought his daughter to the side as they entered the early stages of Diagon Alley. Severus just happened to be within range to hear what she told him.

“Uh, yeah!” she said, thinking quickly. “Head over to Gambol and Japes and get a Hiccough Sweet, Sugar Quill, Lacewing Taffy, and the Spotted Acid Pops. I think those will get you by this year for a while if you buy large quantities,” lied Lily. Her father clapped her on the back and thanked her before heading off to find Gambol and Japes Joke Shop. She walked over to Severus and her mother with an innocent smile.

“You do know you told your father to buy an assortment of sweets, right?” Severus asked, reassuring she knew what she was doing.

“Of course!” exclaimed Lily. “I think my Mum would like her house in one piece this year and I’d love to come home with a full figured family! Anything he makes with those sweets won’t hurt anything and eventually he’ll realise they’re only junk food. I threw the Spotted Acid Pops in to amuse him once his tongue changes colours and he starts sprouting spots all over.”

“You’re a terrible daughter,” he scoffed.

“Or am I a marvelous daughter for keeping my father sane?” she challenged.

“You lead him on to believe he can do magic,” he pointed out.

“Not magic exactly,” she noted, “but potion brews. Really I let him cook strange things and he knows it. Only every once in a while does he happen to stumble upon a few ingredients that blow up the house." She laughed and glanced over at her mother. "Besides, I think they both know I’m only letting them on. They seem to appreciate the things I do. All they’re really doing is trying to understand it.”

“Telling secrets about your dear old Mum, are you Lily,” Mrs. Evans attention was snagged from a cart of what seemed to be mock dragon eggs.

“Every chance I get, Mum,” Lily teased. “No, we were just discussing how quickly we needed to get our shopping done. Since we were supposed to go yesterday, Sev’s mother doesn’t really approve of him being out too late tonight. We are planning an efficient way to shop.” This news was new to Severus.

Mrs. Evans’ interest was peeked and she strolled over to Lily at once. “I could help! Anything you need me to get while you go off and get whatever else it is you two need?”

“I would hate to impose on your exploring, Mum—”

“Impose on my—My dear, this is exploring!”

“Well, only if you’re sure…”

“Lily Evans, what is it that you need.”

Lily reached into the burlap bag resting on her right hip and handed her mum the book of lists they discussed only last night. She opened it to the necessary page and pointed out the books. “If you wouldn’t mind stepping into Flourish and Blotts for us and picking up each of our copies of books, I would appreciate it greatly.”

The pair could see her mother’s mouth moving as she read through the books silently and looked confused for a moment before agreeing to do it. Lily and Severus handed Mrs. Evans their Galleons and she was off on her adventure in Diagon Alley for the first time without Lily there to guide her.

“What am I supposed to do now, Lily. I came here to buy books. I don’t really need anything else.” Said Severus gravely.

“That’s not true,” she said cheekily, “you definitely need some new robes for this term. You’ve certainly grown a hell of a lot taller over the summer. After all, if you’re not going to spend your Galleons on a Dragon Scale cauldron, you may as well buy yourself something you can use and get new robes this year.”

“Why? So I can outgrow them and buy new ones next year? Lily, I see no point in—”

“Ah, ah, Mr. Snape. As a fifth year prefect I could turn you to the Head Boy or Girl for not following the dress code. Wouldn’t want to start Slytherin off on the wrong foot now would we? Or shall I say the wrong coil?”

Severus choked on nothing but air itself as he immediately went back to Lily’s poor excuse as a joke. He was one of the first to admit, especially being a person who had no sense of humor at all, that the poor girl needed help. She’d been trying all day. As things are with attractive girls however, he also couldn’t help but chuckle at her lame attempt and tease her.

“Coil? Really, Lily, I expected much better out of you.” She blushed and threw her head back in laughter. “Don’t expect out of others what you don’t expect from yourself, Sev!” She grabbed hold of his arm and they made their way down Diagon Alley. There was no need to stop by Gringotts because they already had their gold from the last time they were here during the early summer holidays. It was another one of Lily’s so called “shopping sprees” and she wanted a few new clothes to wear at school this year that would help her fit in.

Before they made their way through Diagon Alley, Lily and Severus stopped at the Cauldron Shop to buy her Dragon Scale cauldron (which she still was not able to convince him to buy his own); the Apothecary across the alley so they could pick up a few ingredients for school; Madam Malkin’s Robes For All Occasions to get Lily’s updated robes and a very beautiful set of dress robes she thought she absolutely had to have; and to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor to pick up two large triple decker hot and spicy caramel ice cream as Lily’s treat. After they finished the odd and very eventful delight, Lily managed to convince him that he really did need to get new robes. She wasn’t able to do a good enough job convincing him while at Madam Malkin’s due to the price, but they were nearing the Second-hand Robe Shop.

Once they entered, Severus wished there were some way he could change his mind and make it sound convincing when he told Lily he didn’t need them anymore. As soon as the tiny bell introduced their entrance, the booming voice of a very arrogant Black rang across the room. “Hey, Moony! These look practically brand new!” Sirius Black hollered while examining a set of Gryffindor robes toward the back of the shop. Lily realised they were there too and he felt her arm tighten to reassure him to stay calm.

“Oi, look you lot! Evans and Snape have entered the building!”

Where there was one Marauder, there was always another. It was Peter Pettigrew who gave away their entering. Black and Lupin both walked up to the front of the shop for what seemed to be a special welcoming. “Nice grip you got there, Evans,” Black winked at Lily and indicated her arm attached to his. “It’ll break James’ poor heart that you’ve left him for a fowl creature like this, but I suppose the average slime deserves his chance every once in a while.”

“Shove off, Black!” Lily threatened, releasing her grip on Severus immediately. At once Severus felt the loss of his confidence he had only seconds ago.

“Oh! Perhaps I’ve been mistaken, boys. Guess Snivellus is lower than slime. He’s the poor scum no one even has the pity to court.” Pettigrew took the chance to roar with laughter at what his best mate said at once.

“Padfoot, that’s enough,” Lupin said, placing a hand on the poor excuse of a human being’s shoulder. “Leave Snape and Evans alone to their shopping.”

“Not in the mood for a bit of sport, are we, Moony?” Black asked while reaching for his jeans back pocket.

“You better watch what you do, Black, or I’ll let Potter know what you’ve been up to today!” Lily threatened, this time even more furious than before. “Remus, you really should have more control over your friends!” she spat at the fellow Gryffindor prefect. He only shrugged as though there was nothing he could do and showed he would side with his friends if anything happened in the next few moments.

“James is here, Lily! Of course!” Sirius said, smiling up at her. Severus knew it wasn’t her he wanted a duel against, and picking a fight here with her would only be foolish. Severus would like to say the Marauders felt the same way when facing him alone, but unfortunately he was never exactly quick enough to defend himself against their painful spells in the past.

“And what,” Severus jumped in, tired of hiding behind Lily’s hardly helpful protection, “are a group as highly admirable as yourselves doing in a place like this, Black?” his voice sneered and he turned his nose up at the very thought of having just talked to a blood traitor like Black.

“Why the same as you, Snivellus! I’m here to buy second-hand robes. You see, I can own up to my family dropping my fortune and having to afford my own robes. I don’t need my friends to buy my things like some powder-puffs in here,” Black jeered and glared over at him. Severus made to advance toward him but Lily held her arm out and somewhat blocked him from going any farther.

“Severus, there’s no use! Some people just need to learn when there is absolutely no way to communicate with dogs!” she spat. “Come on, you can buy your robes at Madam Malkin’s and I’ll look up a charm to make them last longer. Then you can say you have the higher power over the powder-puffs Black speaks of.” She grabbed his arms in hopes of leading him out of the shop but Severus pulled back and grabbed for his own wand. Sirius, Remus and Peter all reacted quickly and pulled their own wands out. Lily, not completely unaware of the odds, and no matter the rules and trouble she could get in, pulled her own wand out.

“Wow! What have I missed here?” James Potter came strutting from the back of the shop in what appeared to be four times too small women’s dress clothes. “It took ages to get this thing on with you blokes playing up here. The fun of it sort of died a long time ago once I squeezed into the underwear. Oh, I see you took my advice, Evans,” he nodded in the direction of her Dragon Scale cauldron.

Severus' grip on his wand tensed once Potter’s shoulders went back and he grew what seemed to be a head taller as he stood straight to impress Lily. His hand ran through his already untidy black hair and he grinned at her with complete calmness. Everything about Potter’s offensive body language made Severus want to hex him into the next century.

“You need to teach your friends some manners, Potter,” Lily spat, lowering her wand to the floor. The other boys did not follow her lead.

“You need to teach your friend not to fall into our presence, Evans,” and he winked at her but she was hardly amused.

“You’re disgusting! All of you!”

“Watch it, Red. We’re not the ones walking around misleading ourselves to believe we belong on this planet.”

“That’s it, Potter!” Severus shouted and motioned his wand to cast a spell but was then knocked to the side by an exploding display case. It seemed that Peter was too eager in the tension of the room, he missed Severus as his target and cast Expelliarmus before the duel began. The display case exploded and knocked Severus to the side and caused him to hit Lily and bring her to the ground with him.

“NO’ IN MY SH’OP!” shouted an old man who was hobbling over from the corner of the shop. He seemed to be extremely dirty and his words slurred together as if he had just woken from a drunken sleep. “THE’RE’LL BE NO DUE’LING IN MY SH’OP!” Before he was able to reach them, Lily reached into her cauldron and grabbed one of the round, red potions bottles she bought from the Apothecary earlier and chucked it at the group of boys. It sounded as if there was an explosion and a red fog immediately filled the room from where the potion landed and beyond.

“Come on, Severus! We have to leave!” Lily grabbed ahold of his hand and pulled him out of the shop as they tucked their wands away.

“What was that, Lily?” he asked once the tiny tingle of the bell announced their departure of the story.

“Doxy Pox juice!” she said, catching her breath as they continued to run around people on they cobbled street. When they came to a stop to catch their breath in front of Madam Malkin’s, she burst out into laughter and grasped at her chest for air. “Hopefully, their last few days of summer will be absolutely miserable.” Her smile, though she was angry beyond belief only moments ago, was contagious. Severus laughed and caught his breath too, crouching over to keep his balance and stay low in case anyone knew what they had just done. “Come on now,” she said after catching her breath, “lets go and get you some new robes.”


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