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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 16 - The Phantom

Rose tottered into the dark living room and waited for her eyes to adjust, tripping over the leg of a table on her way. It was cooler here than it had been at the Burrow, and she felt goosebumps ripple on her skin. A moment later the fire roared again and Scorpius stepped out. She felt the familiar rush that she always did when he entered a room. Her heart thundered with anticipation. To be with him alone, truly alone was what she had been waiting for all night. Now he stood before her, though she could only make out his silhouette in the dark. Even that was strong and flawless. Underage and thus unable to use marriage, he took a match from the mantelpiece and lit several candles. This gave the room a dark glow that lit his pale face from beneath and made his eyes sparkle. He then approached Rose with a smile.

'I should go, now that you're back fine.'

'Stay a little longer,' she said with a wonky smile and sat back on the sofa. He sat next to her and watched her face as she leant back, yawned and closed her eyes. The tiredness overtook her now, wrapping her in its warm blanket of calm, and before she was aware of it she was floating away.

'You're tired,' he said quietly and she shook her head in protest, and with visible effort opened her eyes and straightened up. They looked at each other in silence. Her intoxication and the general looseness granted by dull lighting and night time allowed the elongated stare to lack all awkwardness. She watched his chest rise and fall at a slow, gentle pace. She extended a pale hand to his face and giggled drunkenly. 'You really need to sleep,' he said, and his voice was as smooth as the trickle of water to her ear. Rose shook her head and it continued to wobble as she bit in her lip. For a moment Scorpius looked as though he might laugh, not knowing whether this was her drunken attempt at seduction. She wrapped her other hand around his neck and the rise and fall of his chest sped up again.

With inhibitions almost gone, Rose was left overwhelmed by the long-felt need to touch him and now had the ability to put this freely into action. He looked more beautiful than she had ever seen him; his skin softer, his eyes brighter, his lips rosier.

'Stay with me tonight,' she said very gently, and he paused. He could hear her voice strain to be appealing. Strain for the same relaxed musicality of Dominique's or Lily's or Anwen's but she failed. Her voice did not rise and fall, it did not lure him in and promise him eternal love with every syllable. It was the voice of a friend a pretty and loyal one, but indefinably one of a friend.

His lips trembled on the edge of speech as she brought his face nearer to hers. Rose knew that this was a moment of monumental importance, the moment she had been waiting for for so long, and though she felt her thundering heart and the whip of butterflies in her stomach, she somehow felt apart from it all as if she were watching a scene from a dream. But she moved ever closer to him, growing warmer with the glow that seemed to radiate from his proximity.

'Not like this,' he said suddenly, pulling away from her and standing up. The illusion was broken again. Her face fell blank, then was overcome with great sadness. He winced. 'You're drunk, Rose. I don't know whether you mean this or not. You just need some sleep.' Her lower lip trembled as if she might cry, but then her expression changed and her eyes narrowed. For a moment he was hit by her ferocious beauty: her wild hair, now free and out of place; her strong, forceful jaw; her face and neck strewn with delicate freckles; and her pale eyes, now glittering with tears of resentment.

Rose stood and wobbled on the spot. He went to hold her up but she shrugged him off. The look she shot him was one of venom.

'Like I care,' she said quickly, though her voice still wobbled with emotion. 'I never even liked you anyway.' Her words were mixed and slurred, but still had the same impact as they hit his ears. He took a step back and looked at her mournfully. 'I was only joking about trying to kiss you!' she snapped, entirely falsely, though he thought she may be truthful, with the insecurity that is natural when romantic feelings go undeclared. He looked as if he were going to speak, but then it seemed to dawn on him that he could say nothing true of any consequence, so he shut his mouth. Her cheeks were red with a mixture of alcohol and humiliation. He thought it strange that he should only notice quite how beautiful she was now. 'You can go,' she said coldly and turned away from him. The room seemed darker to him when she turned away.

Scorpius too felt like he was only watching the scene and was powerless to change it. She walked away and he was a phantom, intruding on her private anguish. He said nothing as she stormed from the room and up the stairs, slurring under her breath and wobbling as she walked. Then he was very much alone, so much that the room itself seemed to reject him. He stood there for a moment as the candles began to burn out and he was left in total darkness. Scorpius cast a last desolate look at the point on the stairs where she had vanished, and then he left.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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