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Re: Seeing Other People

I know a few people were hoping for a Quidditch match so I'm sorry - but I thought this worked better for the plot and I'm not too happy with the way I write more action-based scenes with lots of characters. So, for the story, I think this works best.

Chapter 15 - The Night

As the sun cast a dark orange glow over the house, a number of the party retreated inside. Albus remain on the doorstep, watching the small Scamander twins – recently turned 6 – making daisy petals spin around their heads. Quiet was the overwhelming noise of the garden, though tired, evening chatter floated over from the table where Bill, Charlie and George sat with their wives. A group of boys – James, Louis, Fred and the small Hugo tagging along – were still persistent in their flying as they glided through the cool air as if they would not stop unless wrenched from their brooms, or perhaps until adulthood stole them entirely.

Teddy and Victoire were cuddled on a rocking chair overlooking it all, with a blanket covering their entwined bodies. Her head fell lazily back onto his shoulder and his pale hand ran over her sparkling hair. To Albus they looked as though they could have been together a lifetime, with a cool understanding surrounding them and the need for words long perished.

Rose and Scorpius passed Albus on their way into the house. He had watched them wander in the sunset and had caught the looks thrown when the other’s eyes were averted. They did not have the harmony of Teddy and Victoire. While the latter possessed the calming knowledge that all was said and affirmed, there was a tension between Rose and Scorpius built up of all the words that need voicing but as yet had not been.

Rose walked ahead of Scorpius as they headed towards the living room. ‘You were great,’ Rose said to him, ‘I knew you’d win.’

‘Thanks,’ he smiled gratefully. ‘But it was down to Lily really – she was amazing. She snatched the snitch from right under Harry’s nose.’

They entered the living room. Ginny sat curled up on a large armchair with her daughter at her feet, her flaming hair against her mother’s legs. Grandad was asleep in the opposing armchair and Dominique and Luna sat in two wooden chairs they had conjured.

Luna’s wide, sparkling eyes were as filled with wonder as ever, and her dirty blonde hair as long and scraggly. The only sign of ageing was the slight lines on her face. She wore robes of lime green and had a necklace with some sort of mushroom hung from the end.

Next to her was Dominique, who looked a lot like her elder sister, Victoire, facially. The only noticeable differences were that Dominique had a few more freckles and her blue eyes were a paler silvery-blue than the deeply coloured ones of Victoire. Her hair was shorter too, in a neat blonde bob lining her jaw and while her sister wore silk robes of lilac, Dominique preferred a muggle jumper and jeans. She also possessed a beauty that warranted much attention, perhaps more as hers lacked the intimidating nature of Victoire’s. She had eschewed all male interest, however, and had openly entered relationships with several girls since her Hogwarts days. Rose watched Dominique for a moment, liking the way the crackling fire lit her smooth, clear skin and brought orange flecks to her pale eyes.

Harry, Ron and Hermione sat together on a heavily-cushioned sofa. The fingers of Ron and Hermione were locked in a manner that perfectly showed love that had not faded. Were Albus present, he would have noticed the extension of this old love to Harry. It was clear to someone who saw as Albus did that the three had been irrevocably bound many years before.

‘I’m surprised Frankie turned up,’ said Lily with a hint of bitterness, indicating that Frankie had fallen in her estimations since apparently breaking her eldest brother’s heart.

‘Neville said she took a lot of persuading,’ said Ginny, ‘I still don’t understand what happened.’

‘She probably cheated on him or something,’ speculated Lily and Harry shook his head.

‘We know Frankie; she’s a nice girl,’ he said and there were nods of agreement, though Lily looked unsure.

‘I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like that,’ said Dominique’s soft, musical voice, though her eyes betrayed knowledge of exactly what it was.

‘IT’s pointless gossiping about it anyway,’ continued Harry, ‘they’re kids – they’ll work it out.’

‘Yeah,’ agreed Ron, ‘remember when you set a flock of birds on me?’ Hermione smiled at the memory.

‘You deserved it,’ she laughed.

‘I didn’t.’

‘You did,’ Harry and Ginny said at the same time, before all four of them laughed.

‘My mum told me that when she first got with my Father, she transfigured him into a rat during a fight,’ laughed Scorpius.

Ron burst into a chuckle. ‘No offence but Draco Malfoy as a rat is pretty classic.’

‘Although he’s probably more accustomed to being a ferret,’ said Harry and they all laughed again.

Scorpius smiled and Rose knew he felt the joy of acceptance. The group, old and young, talked and reminisced for hours over butterbeer and firewhisky. It was only Rose who did not speak, sitting in a corner as she always did, silent sipping her firewhisky. A quiet sadness weighed down on her, knowing that Scorpius seemed already to fit in more easily with her family than she did.

No one noticed when she slipped from the room and into the next. In the quiet room, her room, as it now felt, she sat in front of a fireplace that had no flame and stared. Her head spun slightly and it scared her a little, so she gulped down the rest of her firewhisky with speed. Night had fallen completely now and she looked down to see her hands illuminated to a whitish blue.

She listened and his voice floated in from the other room in its confident, conversational manner. She heard laugh and response and the kind of warm hum that comes when confident people meet and talk.

She closed her eyes and felt the room spinning under her feet. Images from the day flashed before her eyes. Albus on the step with the twins… Scorpius’ face approaching hers… Her father’s flustered anger as they came downstairs… Dominique’s tuneful laugh… Her mother’s knowing smile… Lily’s glorious, shimmering hair against Ginny’s legs… The orange glow of the sun on the pond… Teddy launching the Quaffle past her dad and into the hoop, turquoise hair twirling around his face… Then Scorpius’ hard, steel glare, nearer than ever before.

‘Rose?’ came the only voice she wished to hear. She turned to the door and he stood there. He too was pale and blue in the moonlight. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy took a place next to Rose, in the dark of the extinguished fireplace, and did not say anything.

‘I think I’m a bit drunk,’ she said with a giggle and, noticing the slight slur in her voice, realised that she had not spoken in hours. Scorpius smirked.

‘I think you might be too.’ They sat in silence again, though she rested her head on his shoulder. He allowed it to stay there. ‘I like your family,’ he continued.

‘I know. You seem to get on with them a damn sight better than I do.’ He shook his head and her position on his shoulder stopped her from seeing him roll his eyes.

‘Rose, you’re allowed to be shy. They don’t love you any less because of it.’

‘Says you.’

‘Yes, says me,’ he laughed and shrugged her off. She looked for a moment as if she might cry, so he squeezed her hand to show he had been joking. Her smile returned and she swayed slightly.

‘Can we go home now?’ she said quietly, looking at him in a way that would be fierce if her eyes weren’t glazed over. His breath halted slightly as he looked back, then he smiled.

‘You need to get to bed. I’ll go and get your parents, then I’ll go home,’ he said, standing up to fetch them.

‘No,’ she protested and he paused, ‘they’re enjoying themselves. Let’s just go back to mine. We could hang out for a bit then you can take the Floo Network home.’ He looked at her for a moment.

‘Yeah, I’ll come with you to make sure you’re ok. But it’s late; you need some sleep and I told my mother I’d be back by now.’ But it seemed that Rose had only ‘yeah’, for she stood up quickly in her glee and almost toppled over. He grabbed her arm and she laughed, leaning against him.

She righted herself and stepped into the fireplace, taking a handful of powder from the pot at its side.

‘GROVE COTTAGE,’ she said, managing not to slur and vanished in the bright flames.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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