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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 14 - The Burrow

With a thud, her feet landed on hard ground and the rush of soot into her mouth made her cough. Straightening up, Rose opened her eyes to see the living room of the Burrow: warm, cluttered and homely. She stepped from the fireplace and smiled at Scorpius, who was looking considerably more nervous now; then to her mother, who gave her a smile. Hugo had already ran off out into the garden to join everyone else when Grandma and Grandad came through the door. Grandma was clutching a tray full of sausage rolls when she ran forward to kiss Ron and Hermione’s cheeks.

‘Hello, my dears!’ she said with delight, before turning her warm embrace to Rose. Grandad followed her, grinning at and greeting them one by one.

‘This is Scorpius Malfoy, who Ron told you about,’ announced Hermione and there was a moment’s pause. Rose saw her grandparents exchange a look before Grandad stepped forward.

‘Good to meet you, my boy,’ he said, and shook Scorpius’ hand.

‘Any friend of Rose’s is a friend of ours,’ said Grandma, smiling and holding out the tray of sausage rolls, which Scorpius politely declined. ‘The others are all out in the garden – there’s quite a few! Even Charlie’s visiting from Romania. Percy and Audrey are coming later and Neville said he’ll pop by with Frankie and Alice; Luna and Rolf might bring the twins over.’

Rose looked to Scorpius and saw the joy in his eyes at the kindness of her grandparents greeting. As they filed out into the garden, she could have sworn that she saw her mother mouth ‘thanks’ to Mr Weasley, who then nodded with a little smile.

As expected, the garden was buzzing with Weasley life. In the paddock, James, Fred, Louis, Roxanne and Lily could be seen attempting a miniature Quidditch game. They were watched by George, Angelina, Bill and Charlie, and Rose heard a laughing George shout, ‘That was pants, Fred! I’ve seen Ron keep better.’ Ron must have heard this, for he turned a shade redder.

Across the garden, Teddy and Victoire were floating around, chatting happily to everyone and showing off Victoire’s small but intricate silver ring. Teddy was tall now at the age of 24, with his wavy turquoise hair falling into his pale blue eyes. He walked with his arm wrapped around the slender, beautiful Victoire’s waist. She was not quite 22 and her shimmering, blonde hair fell past her shoulders. Her skin was pale, though housed the occasional light freckle, and her eyes were large and deeply blue.

Hugo had run off to watch the Quidditch match and Rose saw her mother’s dark eyes scanning the garden, until she found who she was looking for with a smile of satisfaction. ‘There they are,’ she said happily to Ron and the couple wandered towards a bench where 3 people were sat. Rose followed and Scorpius did the same, though they hung back behind her parents.

‘Harry,’ said Hermione and hugged the black-haired, bespectacled man tightly. At the same time Ginny and Ron exchanged a warm smile and a cheek kiss.

‘That raid today was a waste of time,’ said Ron to Harry, ‘just some kids mucking around with a few nasty hexes they heard at school.’

‘At least I won’t have to do a full report on it,’ He smiled, and the 4 sunk back onto the bench and launched into conversation.

Albus stood next to his parents and smiled to both Rose and Scorpius.

‘Nice Easter?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I’d say so. A bit uneventful,’ Rose replied.

‘Shall we go and watch the Quidditch?’ Albus suggested, ‘I don’t know how they’re managing it with only 5 players.’

‘Scorpius could join in,’ said Rose, turning to him. ‘You’re a great chaser at school.’

‘I dunno,’ he said quietly. ‘I don’t want to get in their way or anything…’

‘No,’ interjected Albus, ‘it’s a good idea. At least it will even things up a bit.’

Scorpius smiled and followed the pair over to the paddock. Upon seeing Rose and Albus, the observing Charlie turned and gave them a large hug. ‘God, you two are massive - proper grown ups now!’

Rose had not seen her Uncle Charlie for several years and indeed missed him. In her childhood he had always been an idolised figure, with his dangerous job and adventures with dragons in far off lands. Now, looking through her almost-adult eyes, he was a short, stout man, a lot like any other, and Rose could not defeat the feeling that his pursuit of danger and adventure was childish and silly, and his life incomplete. She pushed the thought from her mind and looked up to her cousins whizzing through the air.

It would appear that seekers and beaters were eliminated, and their miniature match was a case of 3 chasers against 2. James, Fred and Louis against Roxanne and Lily. Currently, Lily had just snatched the Quaffle from her elder brother and was tearing through the air towards the goal posts. She was visibly faster than the others, though riding an old Firebolt compared to James’ Stormstrike. She dodged them with ease and threw the Quaffle clear of Louis to score a fine goal. The score was now 40 – 10 to Lily and Roxanne, despite their being a player down and 3 years their opponents’ junior.

‘Very poor indeed,’ chuckled George and Fred scowled from above.

‘Let’s see you do better then!’ called the son with a lopsided smile. And a grin burst forth from George at the challenge.

‘Bring it, young ‘un. Your generation against our learned, if slightly old and tubby one. Whose in?’
Charlie was without hesitation, for he had been a fine seeker in his Hogwarts days. Angelina agreed and Albus had returned with Harry, Ginny and Ron, though Ron was somewhat more reluctant than the others.

‘I dunno,’ he said, ‘I was pretty pants at Hogwarts.’

‘Don’t be stupid,’ said Hermione encouragingly, ‘Weasley is our king – remember?’

‘You’re still one short though,’ pointed out Rose, and they all turned to Hermione.

‘No, not in a million years. I’ve only ever touched a broom if forced and I don’t plan to again.’

‘Bill?’ asked Ginny, but he shook his head. Despite his advancing years, Bill Weasley had never given up on his ponytail, though it was thinner and greying now.

‘Far too old,’ he said with a laugh.

They were stumped for a moment. The younger team now consisted of the 5 already playing and Teddy, who had been the Hufflepuff keeper in his school days, though his general clumsiness had not made him one of the best.

‘There’s one place left, Scorpius,’ said Rose, but he seemed to shrink away a little in embarrassment, before glancing to James for approval. He nodded and Scorpius smiled thankfully. ‘They like you,’ said Rose quietly in his ear.

At that moment, there was a crack and the group turned around. There stood Neville, with the beautiful Frankie by his side, and the small Alice behind.

‘Left Imelda with Hannah,’ he said, explaining the absence of his youngest daughter. They looked at him with a spark or idea in their eyes and he shyed away. ‘What is it?’ he asked.

‘Neville, my friend,’ said Harry, coming forward and placing a hand on Neville’s shoulder. ‘We’re a player short and thought that now might be a good time for you to try your hand at Quidditch. No time like the present.’

There was a sort of terror in Neville’s expression. ‘No way, Harry. I haven’t been on a broom since I was 11 and that was a disaster.’

‘C’mon, mate,’ said Ron, ‘do it for us.’

Neville paused and looked at Ginny pleadingly. She merely smiled and handed him a Nimbus 2001.

‘If I die,’ said Neville to Harry, ‘it’s all your fault.’

Rose looked back to Scorpius and saw him standing with James and Lily discussing who should play where. The 3 looked at ease with each other, and Rose for a moment wondered why either of them had ever felt nervous about Scorpius coming along. He and Lily joked easily and even James now showed no obvious apprehension.

‘Who’s seeking for the kids?’ asked Ron, and Lily stepped forward. Fred had been willing to relinquish his usual position in order for young Lily to show off her instinctive skill.

‘Well, it’s got to be Harry or Ginny for us then,’ said Charlie, ‘Parent versus Child – this will be interesting.’

‘Harry,’ said Ginny, ‘you haven’t played for years. Let’s see if you’ve lost your magic.’

‘Yeah,’ agreed Ron, ‘plus, Ginny used to be professional, so Harry’s a bit fairer.’

Harry exchanged an amused look with his 13-year-old daughter. ‘Scared?’ she asked.

‘A little,’ he winked and they both mounted their brooms. Lily’s launch into the air was quick and graceful; she got higher and corkscrewed across the paddock.

‘Be careful!’ called Harry, who wobbled slightly upon first taking to the air, but was soon flying as smoothly as ever.

On the ground, Rose turned to Scorpius and grinned. ‘Good luck,’ she said.

‘I’ll need it,’ he returned as he too glided into the air.

They were almost all in position now. Teddy and Ron took to their goal post, where both hovered somewhat uncertainly. James was barging into his father’s side before the match had even started, earning him a sharp look from his mother who bobbed behind them.

It was only Neville stood on the ground now. He mounted the Nimbus tentatively with a look of sheer fear. His feet pushed off and he wobbled into the air, rising slowly and rocking from side to side. Eventually he reached the height of the others, but not before he had slipped and hung onto his broom upside down, with Ginny having to pull him the right way up.

Scorpius, in the air, had lost all his former timidity and was zooming around with Lily, the wind blowing his pale hair into a cloud around his head. Rose watched him from the ground with an absent-minded smile and thought he flew with a grace she could not find in the others.

‘Youngsters ready?’ asked Bill, and Lily nodded gleefully. ‘Old folks ready?’ and Harry responded with a nod. ‘Then let the game BEGIN!’


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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