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Re: Seeing Other People

Ok, this is the chapter where Rose and Scorpius begin to bond - so please read I hope someone's enjoying this

Chapter 3 - The First Friend

Evening was turning to night as Rose sat in the Ravenclaw common room. Despite her initial hesitance about her housing, she had come to adore this room. Under the the midnight blue ceiling that was strewn with stars she felt peaceful as her fingers traced the pages of the newly published A Wizarding History of The Second War. Since her arrival at Hogwarts, Rose had been seeking to fully uncover the extent of her parents' involvement in the history of the War. It seemed important to her, more important than to her cousins at least, to understand the reason for the stares and whispers, the reason why her Uncle so often appeared in the Daily Prophet.

She wondered why her parents had not fully explained. Through her childhood, the most her parents had told her was that before she was born there was a terrible war, which her Uncle Fred and Teddy's parents had died in, and that they had helped defeat the Wizard responsible. It all sounded so grand and heroic, and made Rose feel all the worse in knowing that she would never be capable of such bravery and greatness. In the book that now lay in her hands, the total truth was gradually being revealed. With every page, the burden of living up to the heroisms of parents grew heavier on her shoulders.

So, they had not merely been a part of the resistance: they had been its figureheads. Uncle Harry had personally killed Voldemort, and her parents had been his closest friends, scouring the Wizarding World for clues, destroying horcruxes, willing to fight to the death for their friends.

Rose felt pride undeniably, but it was restrained by the knowledge that she had let them down. She had not shown their courage, she had been a Ravenclaw.

There was a knock from down the spiral stairs. Rose thought it bizarre; no one ever used the eagle knocker for knocking to get in. Had someone been unable to solve the riddle? She supposed this must be it. Then another first-year, whose name she remembered was Violet Boot, came up the stairs.

'Erm – You're Rose Weasley, right?' she asked and Rose nodded, 'there's someone for you outside the tower.'

'Oh, right – thanks,' Rose said, intrigued as to who would want to see her. Upon opening to door, and to her further confusion, she found Scorpius Malfoy.

'Hi…' she said, awkwardly.

'I know this is weird, but I wanted to apologise for having a go at you in Potions the other day. I know it wasn't your fault but it's just – I don't really like to talk about my father, especially not in terms of that War. But when I had a go at you – I don't know – I just don't want you to think I'm as bad as him. Sorry.' The words rushed from his mouth in one go and he was clearly embarrassed. He shuffled on the spot and his pale cheeks flushed rose for a moment.

'No, it's fine. Really. It's no big deal. It's just that I'm only just figuring out what happened then – and that it's a bigger part of my family's lives than they let on,' she sighed slightly. 'So I just thought you might know a bit more than me.'

'Yeah, I probably do. There's a classroom down the corridor – I know we shouldn't be out this late but if you me to tell you a bit more about it – as a kind of apology.'

'Yeah, sure,' she replied, though she felt a faint fear at getting into trouble so soon into her induction. Supressing this, Rose followed Scorpius down the corridor. Perhaps she had been too harsh in her initial judgement of him, for his apology had been profuse and seemingly genuine. She was also intrigued as to what he had to tell her, and she looked forward to the prospect of finding out the back story to the animosity between her family and his.

He opened a door to an empty classroom and she stepped through, perching herself on one of the chairs. Scorpius sat down opposite her and turned to her.

'I guess you want to know what happened between my parents and yours?' he asked, and she nodded. 'Basically, my father was in the same year as your parents and Hogwarts. Only, he didn't get on too well with your parents or your Uncle Harry. My father, he's one of those people who believe that Pure-Bloods are better and all that stuff. He's not that into it anymore, but I know he was then. Obviously, with your mother being muggle born they were always getting into arguments with each other.

'It got a bit more serious when my father joined the Death Eaters. From what I've heard he wasn't as into it as he made out, but he was trying to get his family back in favour with Voldemort and sort of ended up forced into it. So now my father and your lot were on opposite sides and the war was getting more and more serious.'

Rose listened with interest as Scorpius went on to tell her how his father had tried to hand over her Uncle Harry to Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts, and how his friends had tried to kill her mother. She listened in stunned silence, for she had been expecting a tale of petty High School rivalry.

'But one thing my father did tell me, albeit grudgingly, was that your parents and Harry saved his life a few times, and that he regrets a lot that happened. Personally, that's not really been enough for me. I can tell part of him still believes all the blood purity stuff, but he doesn't seem sorry enough for it to be true. He's hardly completely reformed.

'I confronted him about it all when I was 9. I was in Diagon Alley shopping with my mother and some people came up, calling me a son of a Death Eater and hurling abuse at my mother. I didn't know what was going on, so I asked him when I got home. He told me everything, but he's never mentioned it since. I know I'm not perfect, but he was a monster, and even now he's a cruel coward. I thought if I was sorted into another house I could prove I'm not like him. But I wasn't, so I guess I'm just like him at heart.'

Rose watched Scorpius look to the floor and recognised his own disappointment and frustration with himself in her own life.

'My worries are quite the opposite. My family are this big bunch of lion-hearted Gryffindors, and what am I? I'm not brave, I'm not daring, I'd just hide behind a book. I'm too scared to reply to their letters; they say they're proud of me but they're lying. I'm a disappointment.'

Scorpius looked at her and smiled tentatively. 'I'm sure you're not. They probably are proud of you. Your family sound like decent people, unlike mine. I guess it's nice to have someone kind of know how I feel though.'

'Yeah, I guess so.' She returned the slight smile.

They sat there for a while longer, talking about their fears and worries, their opposing upbringings and their longing to escape the weight of expectation placed on them by the pasts of their families. Returning to the Ravenclaw common room at an obscenely late time, Rose realised that she had made her first friend.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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