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Revised Flourish & Blotts Guidelines: Oct 20th, 2007.

In light of the recent, great news regarding Dumbledore's sexuality, the rules surrounding same-sex fiction are changing with immediate effect.
  • All stories must be within the Harry Potter universe. We are a Harry Potter website; we don't accept fanfics from other stories or TV shows.
  • NEW: Same-sex fiction is allowed, but no higher than a PG-13 rating. No Adult/Child relationships, nor Human/Creature relationships.
  • There should be no graphic fiction depicting sexual or violent encounters that. This includes scenes or rape, incest, R-rated explicit violence or swearing. See our Slash and General Fiction Policy.
  • Please do not steal other people's work. JK Rowling herself has spent years fighting a case about copy cat stories and still has authors cashing in on her story. Please don't do it to other people.
  • If you wish to post someone else's HP story, please get permission from the author first.
  • If you are unsure about your story, please post your synopsis to a member of staff and we'll assist you.

If you see any fanfiction here that you find offensive or violates these guidelines, please let the staff know by using the "Report post" button, located at the bottom of each post.

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