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Re: Animal Crossing

Originally Posted by mexicant View Post
All of a sudden in April I decided I wanted the snowman set, so I went back in time and got the whole set. Now my scores from the HRA are getting really high.
I think I'm up to about 55,000 points now but the HRA keeps telling me that dressers are useless when facing the wall so I went back through my entire house and checked every dresser I own and not a one is facing the wall. I'm now beginning to wonder if the HRA's replies are just generic junk...maybe the 50,000 to 59,999 reply is the "dresser" reply.

I think my score on the Gamecube version is as high as it is because I actually went through the trouble of acquiring a whole set of furniture and setting everything up according to their Feng Shui guide. I decided, this time around, that I'm just going to buy what I want and set it up. My upstairs room is my favorite and not a single piece of furniture matches.


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