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Re: Animal Crossing

I warn you, I am so not a techie, so I will help as best I can.

Wifi is a wireless internet signal. My modem happens to have wifi capability, so I didn't have to purchase a wireless router for my husband's laptop. It sends out a wireless signal (though ours in encrypted and you must have our code to use our signal) that I receive with my DS. I have put in my code to bypass the security, and can access wifi freely with my DS, regardless of the game.
If you have a wireless router, you have wifi capabilities. If you have a desktop hooked up to an internet connection, you can use a small USB adapter and plug it into any empty USB port in your computer and set up a wifi signal with it. That's what the product in the link I provided before does.
Once you have a wifi signal to use, you can look at the booklet that came with your game and follow the steps there to set up your friend code. You cannot get a friend code without a signal, as each code is specific to the player in the game (you have up to four) and the DS you are using. I believe it is a 10-digit code, though my memory could be failing me at the moment.

Let me know if you need more help than that, and I will try my best.

Let me give you a step-by step process that should work for you, iggy.
Put your AC:WW game into your DS and turn it on. Choose your game. On the menu, choose "other things" and it will provide a "Wi-Fi settings" option. Go ahead and connect to Nintendo WFC (it should work if you are able to connect to the internet with your laptop). Follow the instructions. Pick 1, 2, or 3 and choose "search for access point". It should come up with all of the ones in your area. Those with a little red lock next to them mean you will need the WEP access key, but if you can get online without that on your laptop, then you should be able to get a signal that doesn't require it. You can save up to three access points. You'll know you can use one if it has a blue lock that is open. If the connection tests out okay, you can start playing your games through wifi!
Now you'll go back to the main title of your game and choose "continue". Go to Copper and find out what your wifi code is. He'll be amazed that you don't have one yet, and will explain the system of swapping codes. He'll ask if you would like a friend code, and you need to choose "yes". It will ask if you are willing to permanently connect your game to the DS you are using with it. Then you get your code, and we swap them. To add a code into your list, look at your menu (the one where you choose tools and such) and tap the heart at the end. Hit "register" and enter the friend code and the name of the town and the person you swapped with does the same. Now you're ready to visit and just have to figure out who is going to host and who will be visiting.

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