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Re: DH Symbol on the Fountain

IMO the pictures in Beedle the Bard (the wizarding version) were made by an un-enlightened artist who put all mysterious symbols (s)he could think of on the fountain. It was treated as a childrenís book for generations so I think it likely Beedles stories were kept but different editions had different illustrations matching the taste of the time. Itís what you see with Muggle fairy tales.
The symbol heading The Tale of the Three Brothers in Hermione's/Dumbledore's version was according to Hermione handwritten, it was not put there by the illustrator. I think it unlikely that the illustrator of that version had any idea what the mysterious symbol he depicted on the fountain meant or that it was connected with The Tale of the Three Brothers.

Another possible explanation is, that Hermione deliberately wanted the symbol on the fountain. The fountain, according to the story, doesn't have real power. Maybe she wanted people to think that the Hallows were as useless as the fountains water, or that the Hallows were just a myth like the fountain. Harry and IMO Hermione has no interest to increase the number of people believing in the Hallows.

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