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Re: DH Symbol on the Fountain

I don't think the symbol on the fountain was in any way a mistake or to represent anything different from the symbol in the Three Brothers story. It just may give the symbol extra meaning. I do believe there are a lot of similarities between the Three Brothers story and the Fountain story. Its hard to explain, but they seem to have a lot of similarities.

Both involved 4 main characters, usually a group of three with a fourth character that didn't quite belong. Its obvious with the three brothers and death. For the fountain, it was the three women and the knight just sort of tagged along. Both were attempting to obtain something greater than what thought was humanly possible. The brothers with being masters of death. The Fountain story had unnatural luck. Both stories ended in saying something that the power has always been from within, not from some external source. It just seems to be the same life lesson overall. That it is within your own grasp to make your own power/luck from within.

With the three women, by the end of their journey they had worked to find the answers to their own problems. The Knight found he already had what he needed. In the Three Brothers story, the first two bothers failed to understand that lesson, and fell to death at a young age, whereas the third bother understood that and simply wanted to live a happy normal life instead of seeking power beyond himself.

In Harry Potter, it was sort of the same idea too. That Voldemort was weak because you relied on an external object to find her strength, whether it was the Elder wand or even the horcruxes. Whereas Harry Potter beat Voldemort by giving into the natural laws and found the power from within. Maybe the symbol was made to symbolize that lesson or that form of power, simply based on the lessons both stories represented.

I know it may be a bit of a stretch, but I doubt JKR would have put the deathly hallows symbol there for nothing. After how large of a role it played in the HP7, it isn't an accident. There has to be some kind of a connection.

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