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Re: Sirius Black: Character Analysis v.5

Originally Posted by wolfbrother View Post
Sirius was, IMO, a 'darker' character than James. I think he had slytherin-y tendencies and would have been willing to do things that James wouldn't. I wonder how his relationship with James might have been if they had lived for a good bit of time during the war.
I agree with you on that, in my opinion, he was most certainly 'darker'. But, I am unsure if it was due to him being willing to do things that James wouldn't. I'd say it was because he had a harder home life. He was obviously disliked by his family, for not believing that those of 'pure-blood' were better than any other, whereas James was clearly well loved.

...but with that indefinable air of having been well-cared-for, even adored...
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And I have always been inclined to believe that (though, this is most certainly a generalisation, and is not true in every case...) it is always easier to be 'lighter', more easy going, when you've been treated well as a child. I think that Sirius had all the values of a true Gryffindor, and wouldn't, as the sorting hat says, use any means to achieve his ends... Also, when we meet Sirius, he has been locked in Azkaban - wrongly - for many years, so, naturally, he would be darker, and more damaged than James ever would have been.

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