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Re: Sirius Black: Character Analysis v.5

I was looking through an old Sirius Character Analysis thread and a topic came up that I thought was interesting. The argument was that Sirius inherited Grimmauld Place after Orion died so why didn't he kick out his mom out of the house (which he would have inherited a few years before Azkaban)? But since the thread was closed, I'll post my idea here.

A lot of people now believe that Grimmauld place was Walburga's house because it is called Sirius's mother's house and that could mean she grew up there. But we know that house inheritance tradition shows that the house passes onto the next male in the Black line. So why would it be called Walburga's house?

Well, it's only referred to as her house; it's never stated that she owns it. I think it's referred to as her house because she had control over the household so it was considered her house (when it really was Orion's house). That's just a thought. Sirius mentions that Grimmauld Place is his parent's house as well as referring it as his mother's house. I think the reason he refers to it as that is because he really despises her and he connects the house to her. Also, I know Snape mocks Sirius for hiding in his "mother's house" but I think he uses that phrase just to add to the insult (it sounds more rude that way, if you know what I mean). Which is why I would infer the house belongs to Orion.

So building on that, I would think that after Orion died the house could have gone on to Sirius because he was the next male. But assuming Regulus died before Orion (we don't know how Orion died; it's possible his son's death caused his own) Orion may have realized the house would go to Sirius so he had his will give the house to Walburga (we know Sirius was able to do that for Harry). Than Walburga would have had the house and their would be no reason for Sirius to kick her out of it since he didn't own it until she died (and she died while he was in Azkaban).

It's possible Walburga assumed her husband had changed the house inheritance permanently and the house would go on to Bellatrix after her death, not Sirius. Or she may have gone too crazy at that point in her life to make a will or something. That could be a reason as to why the house may have passed onto Sirius when it's unlikely Walburga would have wanted that to happen.

On a side note, if the house really was Orion's and Orion died before Regulus than would Regulus have inherited it? I feel that the Blacks would have taken the whole house inheritance of 'next male in the line of Black' seriously and realized Sirius would have gotten the house so they may have prevented it from falling into Sirius's hands. Instead, Regulus would have gotten the house after his father's death. But we know Regulus changed before he died, so did he allow the house to pass onto Sirius on purpose? He was of age when he died so he could have made a will or something (especially since he knew he was going to die;a will would have been a reasonable idea.) I'm just speculating.

This post was just random; I felt I needed to say my opinion on this matter. I know it's a shaky theory but yeah, that's all.

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