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Re: Sirius Black: Character Analysis v.5

Originally Posted by ShadowSonic View Post
But in POA And GOF Dumbledore was still in good standing with Fudge, their relationship didn't start to sour until the end of GOF. If DD had stood up for Sirius, and they'd used all their resources for uncovering the truth (memory viewings, truth serum, etc) they might've been able to clear Sirius. And hearing Sirius' own testimonial for once, instead of just throwing him in jail like last time, might've given them missing pieces of the puzzle (Peter Pettigrew being the Secret Keeper for example). Unless they were willing to believe that a guy who'd been in Azkaban for 13 years was still so super-skilled he could fool EVERYTHING they could throw at him.
We don't meet Sirius till practically the end of POA, then he escapes and the school year ends. It's not specified in GOF if Dumbledore is working to clear Sirius' name or not. I think he was, but there's no proof either way. To clear Sirius they needed one man and that man was Pettigrew. He wasn't available, he was with Voldemort and Barty Crouch Jr. Dumbledore would have needed either Sirius or Pettigrew and somehow I can't see Sirius being that eager to turn himself over to the tender mercies of the MOM after his last encounter with them. Dumbledore was a very clever man but he couldn't force Sirius to trust that he would get justice the second time around.

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