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Re: Pottermore v.12

Originally Posted by Pox Voldius View Post
Now I'm imagining all the extra challenges Pottermore would somehow manage to work into this task if they moved the Potions setup for the PP brewing into a dark bathroom stall with the cauldron balancing on the toilet seat and the heating flame down in the bowl... and Moaning Myrtle hovering in the background to distract us
So it could have been much worse! And it took the trio a month to brew. We might be getting off easy with narrow temperature ranges and temperamental lacewing flies.

Potions in general should be worth more points, imo.

Originally Posted by RebeccaMatthews View Post
The toggling of the fire for the second half of part one is really starting to irk me for the polyjuice potion. Since it takes such a long time to brew, I'd think it be a little more room in the range for the flame to brew the potion since we need to toggle it and pay attention to the time.

I am less than pleased with this potion even more than I am with the lack of activities on the site right now.
Yet we keep trying to brew the Polyjuice Potion. Maybe the web designers know there are some of us who won't give up until we conquer that potion. Truly evil people.

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