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Re: The Relationship Between Science and Religion

As a biological science student born into Christian family, I've had a life-long struggle with juggling between my faith (or lack thereof) and my science.
I was heavily leaning towards science and abandoning whatever was left of my weak faith but.. was born again and now consider myself evangelical Christian.
Before this time, it was my goal to prove that God does not exist
After hat, my goal was changed to prove that God does exist (a major arrogance... I agre )
But now I know that... a God you can understand (and prove) is not even worth worshipping....

People on the religious side are continuously attacking science, previously evolution and now molecular biological engineering (including genetic engineering) and sciece uses its weapons, armed with equations, studies, hypothesis, etc. to claim that religion is false (in extreme cases, at least)

I just think... the two should leave each other alone.
As someone mentioned earlier in this thread,
religion is based on faith, science based on proof
the idea that one can be used to prove or disaprove the other seems paradoxical.

Science does certainly try to answer many questions as for how we came about to be as well as how we function down to the subatomic level. As a scientist (or someone aspiring to be) I cannot help but be swayed by the overwhelming proofs and studies from time to time. However, all those studies and proofs, and all that jazz, while I have huge respect and admiration for those scholars, it is very arrogant of humans to think that they can answer all the questions that there is to answer in this world. We do have the bigger brain, higher IQ, relatively better developed nervous system, etc. but I think humans as a whole occasionally get carried away and forget the fact tht perhaps our knowledge, or undestanding of the world is limited to within our universe (and such view is not just from a relgious point of view...). Science will provide the best, most fitting answers within the context we live in, but we have no way of knowing whether we are above such limits or we are just a tiny speck in infitesmally large universe of greater dimensions.

I do realize that there are certain groups of Christian scientist that try to prove God's existence and the bible scientifically.
Although I applaud them for their efforts, as I mentioned before, two things are of complete different dimensions and one cannot be used to understand another; also, as I mentioned above, God you can understand/prove is not worth worshipping.

It really depends on faith.
Before, when I studied biology and evolution, I saw the absence of God from the history of this universe
Now when I study the same material, I can sense and and feel God's presence and mysterious workings in different parts

Such change, even fom the exact same materials and theories, is made possible only by faith, which can neither be proved nor disapproved by science..

Originally Posted by LBuccalo View Post
Eggs aren't really living though until they are fertilized. I think that couples who go through IVF are very brave. It is heartbreaking to watch a couple try and try to have babies and not be able to do it naturally. I see nothing wrong with using science to help out the situation.

If you think about it, the gametes (eggs and sperms) although haploid, are fully living individual cells that have the capacity to divide on their own (reproduce) with their own set of genetic information....
If we try to define the borderline between life and the inorganic,it is just mixing philosophy, science, religion, etc. and resulting in a huge headache... I really don't know if we can come up with an absolute answer to as for who/what qualifies as alive or dead

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