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Re: The Relationship Between Science and Religion

As far as cloning is concerned, this is what I think:

1) Cloning as a scientific experiment/investigation is not irreligious, nor is it 'against God's established order'. As long as you have the brains, you have the independence to experiment.

2) However, cloning should be done only if the resultant clone has a 100% chance of a healthy life. Otherwise, it will be forcing some man or animal to a life of pain and misery, which is definitely against religion AND morality.

3) Cloning should be done for moral purposes only. IE, If you clone an animal, it should only be for the purpose of propagating endangered species. You should not clone an animal just to kill it for meat. And as far as human cloning is concerned, no issues on that one.

Besides, cloning isn't against religion as well, although the Church condemns it. Its there in our scripture, in this account in the Srimad Bhagavatam,

"Indra entered the womb of Diti to slay her unborn child. Upon attempting to cleave the child into two, he succeeded only in creating two duplicates of the original embryo. He continued trying to cut each new embryo in half, vainly trying to kill them, while all he accomplished was creating duplicate children of the original."

These children in the story were truly clones in the biological sense, because clones are obtained from mitosis of ancestor cells before they become differentiated. Hence, each new product of Indra's cutting became a separate child. Clearly, this shows that cloning is quite natural, allowed by God, and does not make Man 'God'.

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