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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

Originally Posted by merrymarge View Post
I liked the scene just before Harry and Dumbledore come back from the cave, Snape is standing by himself, looking at the sky. They zoom in on his face, and he looks so sad. He is thinking about his promise he made to Dumbledore, his concern for Draco, his love for Lily and how it will look to Harry when he thinks Snape killed Dumbledore.
in the books, Snape is always angry, but in the HBP movie, this is the first time we see how sad and vunerable he can be.
I agree, I really liked how this was done.

Most of the other stuff that I liked has probably been mentioned already, but I will say it anyways haha

Some more things that I liked was the dementors in POA (seemed a lot creepier than they did in OoTP, and put together better than the description in the book imo).

The scene in COS with Ron and Lockhart in the Chamber when he loses his memory, (don't know why this came to mind, but oh well)

The whole Umbridge part was played out better in the movies I think, because I just had trouble visioning her

There were many other ones also, but for some reason I cannot think of them off the top of my head

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