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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
Yeah but he hadn't crossed over into the after world yet, he was hanging around waiting for Harry.
He might have been commuting back and forth. After all, "King's Cross" is not exactly our world of the living, either.

Well Snape showed more loyalty to Dumbledore than Dumbledore showed him, I agree. I believe Dumbledore could have handled the whole situation better myself. But in the end Voldemort was vulnerable to death and Harry was able to kill him, so Dumbledore would be happy.
In fact, Dumbledore was extremely happy when we saw him. TGW and I are not worried about his happiness, we are trying to decide what we believe about him as a character. (I think, do correct me if I am wrong, TGW!) To me, given the importance of Snape to his plans, and the extremes to which Snape was willing to go to help him, it is important to know how Dumbledore felt about Snape. If he truly did not care much, that says something about him as a person, something I cannot respect. A leader assumes certain obligations to their followers, in my view. I actually think he did; scenes like the one where he has tears in his eyes talking to Snape suggest it to me.

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm View Post
Of course I took that into consideration, but he could have instructed Snape to keep himself safe, so he could dispatch Voldemort when the time was right. There was no fallback to Dumbledore's plan as laid out.
Keep himself safe how? By going into hiding like Karkaroff? I do believe that Snape could do a better job of that, but Snape was more useful to Dumbledore's plans where he was, danger and all. (Though, doing his utmost to remain unsuspected was one of Dumbledore's orders to him.)

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