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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Any of these things may have happened. I agree. Only most of my problems with one Albus Dumbledore will come to an end if I come to know he did tell Snape. I would like that very much indeed.

And the story we read will not be different at all.
I agree it would not be different action wise, but it would make Dumbledore look better. Also it would make Snape look more intelligent. But I do not assume something so important to Dumbledore's character would be left out of the story. It makes him look really bad to have done that. I don't think defaming his character for things he didn't do would be what JKR wanted because he already looked bad enough for what he'd done to Harry (not to mention Moody and others). So I think it was more to show the lengths Dumbledore was willing to go to forward his greater good plan. Using Snape wasn't a terrible choice of 'fall guy' per se because his attitude toward and treatment of Harry had already blemished his character quite a bit. So those who read the series in the way I did, felt Snape deserved it. But that does not let Dumbledore off the hook, it was still wrong, imo.


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