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Re: Little Questions Answered v.20

Originally Posted by mirrormere View Post
The way it's worded, it almost sounds like Wormtail found it in the wreckage of the house where the Potters were hiding and took it to Voldemort when he created his proto-body which would be in GoF. It wouldn't seem he would need to curry favor before that. And as willfitz mentions, he doesn't have it in PoA. But then it seems odd no one would have picked it out of the debris before that.
I wouldn't say it's that unlikely. The rubble was never cleaned up, as it was left as a memorial, and there are of course places within the rubble which would be difficult for a human to access than a rat.

Now that you mention it, the quote does seem to be strongly suggesting this- there was no hiding place other than the Potter house.


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