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Re: Pottermore v.11

A lot of people still aren't showing up on my friends list...only the 20 that still showed up after the glitch first happened and anyone I have friended since then.

When I try to friend people who were originally on my friends list but lost from it due to the glitch, it says I am already friends with that person and therefore I can't re-add them(yet I can't remove them first and then re-add them to try to get past the glitch).

It's weird though because I can't view as much on their profile their profile appears to me the way it did before I friended them. It looks like they aren't on my friends list and yet Pottermore is still telling me they are friended.

Really annoying. I hope they fix this glitch soon.

Originally Posted by Hes View Post
I have had log in problems myself, it didn't want to accept my password in several attempts. So I tried the next day and all was fine.

Your account still exists, I checked, so I would just keep trying.

Insider said this about the missing friends, items etc:

Wednesday 28 March updateFollowing recent updates to in anticipation of opening to everyone in early April, we're aware that some users are unable to see the complete list of their Pottermore friends. We're working to resolve this and 'missing' friends will reappear soon. (There is no need to re-friend those who you are already friends with.)

Some users have also reported missing spell books and potions; we are investigating the cause of their disappearance and will provide further updates here on the site updates page.

Finally, please note that you may encounter some minor disruptions when using Pottermore over the next few days; we are currently implementing changes ahead of welcoming more fans to and these may cause certain site features to disappear temporarily.
Okay I only just noticed this.

I'm glad that they are aware of the issue.

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