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Re: Pottermore v.10

Originally Posted by threecats View Post
About ingredients in wrong container ...

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I just had it happen to me when working on the sleeping draught, that it told me I had put the lavender in the wrong container. I know I did not do that, but I think I accidentally bumped one of the sprigs against the cauldron before dropping it into the mortar. Maybe that made some of it go into the cauldron. I tried again making sure to lift all ingredients properly across the cauldron, and it worked fine.
Potions don't seem to work for me on Saturdays. I would recommend avoiding them on the weekends.

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I had the same issue with the same potion you had, tried it again, it told me to return in 95 or so minutes, and when I came back, it made me start over. I failed on purpose, to stay out of the potions loop. So I tried another potion, returned after 2 hours, and it wanted me to start over. I had to fail that one, as well. And I can brew 3 to 4 potions a day with no issues.

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