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Re: Little Questions Answered v.19

Originally Posted by HuskyCrown View Post
why didnt harry use the mirror sirius gave him when he wanted to speak to him about his dad and when hermione wanted him to know where he was first when he thought he was being tortured?
I think it was because he absolutely forgot about that mirror. I don't remember very well when I first read the book but I think I most surely forgot about the mirror too. But I guess it was kind of something important to the plot. If we've heard about the mirror in those occasions some fans would've already make some theories about bringing Sirius back when he died. But by not mentioning the mirror until the very end JK finds a way to torture HArry and us, the fans even a little more with that little second in which you're dead sure he's alive. And of course he used that with Dumbledore too. Just so we could be dead sure they'd get back and then drown us into misery. That's my POV at least LOL

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