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Re: Little Questions Answered v.19

Originally Posted by Saawan View Post
Hi, I'm new here and I've got some questions:

How come paintings/portraits are magical so the people in them can talk, walk, think and speak? How do they make them? Couldnít Harry have had one made of Sirius (and his parents) and then talk to them like people talked to the fat lady and the previous headmasters of Hogwarts?

How did Sirius manage to buy a broomstick for Harry, being wanted for escaping Azkaban and how did he get an owl to send it to Harry? He was living in a cave eating rats so I guess he didnít have money (because how would he be able to have money when he came straight from Azkaban?) and being wanted he couldnít walk into Gringotts getting some even if he had gold there. Also, he didnít have a wand so he couldnít use magic getting the broomstick.

Sorry to ask this but English is not my first language: Whatís the difference between a hex, jinx and a charm?

I can answer the last question and don't worry. English is not my first language neither but the question's not really related with the language. JKRowling herself answered this in her website. I'm sorry that I can't write the exact words from her site but for some reason I ignore her site's not working for me. So I'll try my best explaining it.

A jinx has a negative effect but which is still amusing just like Jelly-Legs jinx.

A hex is worse than a jinx because the negative effect is no longer a joke. For example the Stinging Hex.

A curse is really dark magic which you would most probably be arrested for. For example the Unforgivable curses. You can notice that is what it's used when they talk about that necklace Katie Bell came across. They said it was 'cursed'.

And then spell is the general name for any piece of magic.

And Charm is supposed to be a piece of magic that doesn't change the nature of the aim but just alters or adds qualities. This is an example used by JK. Transforming a teapot into a rat is a spell and making a teapot dance is a charm. For instance, Bubble-Head Charm.

Then there's still some ambiguity as Jk herself said that sometimes magic is just called like that because of alliteration reasons. And sometimes I think it's not that clear where the end of each kind of magic is, of course.
Hope that helped

Originally Posted by kinemortophobia View Post
It was confirmed in an interview with Jo that he can no longer speak Parseltongue.

Originally Posted by pumpkinpuff View Post
I always wondered about that arrangement, though. He said he ordered the broom in Harry's name but asked them to take the money from his vault. Now how could that have been authorized? Sirius couldn't just write a note saying, hey take the money from my vault, could he? They'd either need a key or valid proof of vault ownership to get anything out, and I don't think Sirius would have a key. Nor is it likely that a wanted murderer on the run would be able to validate ownership. I don't know, I thought that was unlikely.
I think he probably had a key. And then Goblins never mess up with wizard stuff. They just don't give a damn how much of a murderer he is as long as they're not involved in the fray. They're only concerned about this man having money in a vault in Gringotts and most importantly not owing them anything. They never cared about Death Eaters having vaults. The only moment they actually cared at all about some stuff related to wizard fights was when the Trio tried to break into Gringotts and I think that was half because probably the Death Eaters were threatening enough and half because they were trying to fool them after all. And goblins are not the kind of creatures that just let themselves to be fooled...

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