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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by giftedkid527 View Post
I'm not saying someone can't change. I'm just saying that when we are looking at Snape, the person, we are looking at the body of work for judgement, not just the last 10 years of his life. The good deeds count, but why do the bad ones disappear? If you were having a draft for "guys you'd've wanted to meet when they turned 10, and whom you'd've wanted to be best-friends with for the remainder of their lives", I think Snape would come in wayyyy far down, because of the time from age 11 to age 22.

"Brainwashed" into thinking muggleborns weren't as good? Would you, then, agree that Voldemort was likewise "brainwashed", and is thus not a bad guy after all?

I just don't see how you can put someone with all that blood on their hands in the good category.
I don't think anyone says the bad things that snape has done in his life are gone simply because he ultimately chose the good. to say that would rob the character of snape of the depth he has. he is good precisely because of the bad he did. I don't think snape would be the man he was when he died if not for the mistakes he had made regarding the potters and joining the death eaters to begin with. he is saved by an intense sense of love for lily, and allows that to dictate most of what he does from then on (yes he gets on harry, but that is from an old grudge and has more to do with harry looking like james than for what harry does in the series). that says a lot about his character. snape is the antithesis of voldemort. snape made some wrong decisions in his life, but was ultimately brought back to the good that life offers by a love, and intense love, for lily. voldemort loves no one. love conquers all is the main theme of the harry potter series, and both snape and voldemort serve to illustrate both sides of this coin.

snape may have done wrong, but is that not the way of life? the way we learn? the way we come to value certain goodness over evil or bad? nothing like a mistake to right a wrong way of thought. nothing like hitting rock bottom to change your life around. had snape not made the mistakes he made, and not learned something vitally important from them, he would never have changed in my opinion the only thing that saves him, the only thing that allows him to grow as is properly befitting for humans to do is the intense love he had for another human being. and this one simple thing redeems a man who's life is thus far pock marked with bad decisions. snape is good ultimately because of the mistakes he made. to take those away would be to make snape two dimensional, and that would be an ultimate travesty.

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