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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

Originally Posted by chocolatefroggy View Post
I think OOTP was ruined by the bouncy music as Umbridge skipped around the castle. HBP was pretty good and darker, but a little too comedic at times. I'm all for comic relief but not at the expense of important scenes, like the battle. Also annoyed that the waitress/diner scene replaced Dumdbledore's trip to the Dursley's..
I'd say GOF was darkest: with the filming, babymort becoming "human" and Harry sobbing over Cedric's dead body. Not to mention Krum being possesed, Wormtail cutting Harry (and his own hand), Barty Crouch Jr. as Moody.. I don't know who directed that one, but I think he did a great job.
Yeah I agree, GoF was pretty dark. That graveyard scene with Pettigrew, Voldemort, and Harry always gave me the chills. Mike Newell was the director of that. I agree, he did a good job.



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