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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by arithmancer View Post
Lily might even have considered herself to be acting as a prefect in the Worst Memory scene, before she lost her temper.
That could be possible, because by the looks of it, Snape and Lily didn't seem to be at very good terms during the scene....

SWM, Ootp“There you go,” he said, as Snape struggled to his feet again, “you’re lucky Evans was here, Snivellus —”
I don’t need help from filthy little Mudbloods like her!”
Lily blinked. “Fine,” she said coolly. “I won’t bother in future. And I’d wash your pants if I were you, Snivellus.”

Now, she was clearly on his side in the scene until this happens. Now why would Snape say that...because he was under lot of stress...true he was, but when you are in a situation like Snape, you don't end up lashing out your only ally. The problem between the two had been going on for some time and by the looks of it, they were at a mutual disagreement. So when Lily must have decided to step it, I don't think it was solely because Severus was his friend, but because she felt it was a part of her job?

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