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Re: Patronouses and Animaguses

Originally Posted by SlytherinLocket View Post
If one were to have both a patronous and be an animagus, would they be the same animal?

I think yes as they both are indivivual forms unique to the witch/wizard, but what if your patronous were to change? Would also your animagus form?

I think more often they would be different! Your animagus form reflects your true inner self, whereas you Patronus is related to your happiest memories. SO, consider Tonks. Her Patronus is a werewolf, because she loves Lupin and her happiest memories revolve around him. But is werewolf her true inner nature? It seems unlikely based on her characterization.

In particular, I doubt the Animagus form ever changes. People do, but the Animagus, I think, would reflect something about them that does not.

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