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Re: Albus Severus Potter

Originally Posted by sirena View Post
I still can't believe that Harry named his son after Snape. I mean, ok, it turned out that Snape was on the good side, and in love with Lily, but still. So many years he treated Harry like scum, has been unfair to him, and let's face it, no matter all the regret he felt, he still WAS the one who told Voldemort about the prophecy, and the reason Harry's parents are dead. Did Harry really forget it all, excuse everything Snape did to him? I don't know, but I thought that was a bit bizzare.

I quite like little Al though. He seems much like Harry in character, just as James seems like James, and Lily as Ginny. I really wish JKR would write a story about them. It doesn't have to be the series, and it doesn't have to be dark, just a few little short stories about their everyday life, to see how they interact, where they live, what Harry and Ginny do etc..
That's the way I feel too. After reading the end of the book, I couldn't help but feel very sympathetic toward Snape, but when I stopped to think about it later, I realized that there was no reason to love Snape. It did turn out that he remained on the good side the whole time and sacrificed a lot for Dumbledore and the Order and Harry, but saying that he's the bravest man he knew is taking it a little far. Harry seems to have entirely forgotten the six years he spent with Snape and their mutual loathing and everything Snape's done to him.

James and Sirius would be extremely upset if they knew that Harry had named one of his sons after Snivellus. He has not yet named any of his children after Sirius, Remus, or Fred (if Ginny miraculously got a say in naming her kids) all worthy men. I think it was a waste to give up on such a worthy feud/rivalry. I think Snape was the one who decided to extend his loathing to Harry. I think it was not a wise choice to name his son after Snape and say he was the bravest man he ever knew (which I vehemently dispute) unless he is implying that Snape was a better man than James or Sirius. Now I know that James and Sirius weren't perfect, but placing Snape above them is a great dishonor to their memory.

Originally Posted by Heart View Post
Pretty sure James is called James Sirius Potter.
As for James II's middle name being Sirius, that makes a lot of sense, especially as we've heard the names James and Sirius together for so long that it sounds good, and I wouldn't want to be named Sirius as a first name, personally.

How about Brian Severus? lol. (Use DDs middle name)
Well, Brian isn't Dumbledore's middle name, it's his second-to-last name. Dumbledore's middle name is Wulfric, and Albus is at least ten times better than Wulfric. Now I could see Percival working, since it's Dumbledore's second name and Percy's first name. He could be named after two people with only one name.

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