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Re: General ConCrit Thread For Graphics

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
I think another thing that could help you out is the art of cropping. Instead of taking the whole picture and resizing it think about what you like about the picture (Harry's eyes? Lily's hair? Snape's nose? ) and use only those bits in your art. Sometimes resizing loses the details. Now that you have gimp try working on contrast as well. Finally don't rush. I know some of us take nearly a week to work on one 100x100 icon... You have some really great ideas! Good Luck!
Hehehe...cropping....worst enemy! . Sad thing is, most of those pictures are cropped, I just didn't want to cut anything off I needed, . Ooh, I have a pretty new banner somewhere *Oh, it's on MNFF* that has eyes watching someone...It's kind of cool, . Yeah, I've been practincing on the whole concentrating on one thing. My big toughy really is backgrounds. I never know what to use in the backgrounds! . o.0 Rush! Yeah, some of them took a few minuts, but believe it or not, it can take me hours just to get something I like on Word! . Anyway, here is a nice new banner that is GIMP/Photobucket made:


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