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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

hmmm, for some reason Magic is Might works better for me on the film , I never liked reading that chapter but watching it, I usually have a good laugh. I know it is supposed to highlight how the Ministry has changed to show the new perspective of the Ministry but the actors playing the trio are hilarious. I simply like it , even if it lightened the mood of the scene.

Another thing I like better is Ron with love potion, Rupert is fabulous ! I had fun reading about it, but watching Ruppert was Fantabulous.

And one more that comes to mind is the moment between Harry and Hermione after Lavander Kisses Ron. It highlights that they are not a couple , that they are friends and even it is a bit cheesy, it shows that they understand each other... I like that moment and find it sweet.


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