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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
We do have to take into consideration the dominant ideology of the time in the wizard world which was very prejudiced and biased against muggle-borns and muggles in general. These are exceptional people with a special talent who are forced to live in hiding and conserve their powers because muggles can't accept them. There is a great degree of bitterness and anger historically directed towards muggles and by extension muggle-borns. Voldemort simply tapped into that. The dark arts fascination is different but the pureblood ideology was very tempting to so many witches and wizards, especially when the alternative was your whole family being murdered by the dark lord. To be cynical and realistic, not every witch and wizard would have the values and courage to see those values through like James and Sirius did. They had to rebel (especially Sirius) against the dominant ideology of their forebearers and soceity. Snape was simply consumed by it. If you wanted to, you could say Snape was a victim of his time and place.
I think this is a valid consideration, but, I don't see Severus as "consumed" by the DE philosophy. If he had been, even love could not have dragged him away from it. He would have been wiling to sacrifice Lily to make sure the Dark Lord was not harmed.

Bella and Barty, Jr. are two examples of "consumed." They were willing to sacrifice family members for the Dark Lord. Bella was ashamed that Narcissa became upset at the thought of Draco becoming a DE, and stated that she would gladly give her son up to the Dark Lord's service. Barty, Jr. killed his own father to protect his stolen identity as Moody. That is my idea of "consumed."

I think Severus joined the DEs as a way to "feel important" and to belong. IMO, he was a run of the mill, look down your nose at Muggles, stay in the Dark Lord's good graces or he'll zap you, DE. I don't think, based on Bella's statements, that he participated in the torture/killing that some of them seemed to enjoy so much, but was more of a listening at keyholes type, as we see when he obtained part of the Prophecy.

This doesn't excuse him for joining the DEs. He made his choice to do that freely. But, it does give us some food for thought as to how immersed he actually was in the philosophy, which, other than not liking Muggles a lot, I don't think he was very deep into it.


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